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Uncertain Tomorrow
by William Daniels


The Price of Jade
by Minzayar Oo


No Man Is An Island
by Oleg Klimov

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Panos Pictures: the first 25 years

Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, we believe that photojournalism is alive and well in the 21st century.

In fact, we have something to celebrate: Panos Pictures is
25 years old in 2011.

Christien Jaspars. Mali. Each spring, the adobe mosque of Djenne is given a new layer of clay.

As we look forward to marking our first quarter century, we’d also like to take a look back at what we have achieved since the agency was founded in 1986.

In line with Panos London and the rest of the global Panos Network, we have retained our integrity by continuing to focus on global social issues – regarded by some as commercial suicide. We believe in telling stories that need to be told.

Panos photographers go beyond merely recording what happened. They explore, question and challenge the world in which we live, providing a narrative for our time.

Andrew Testa. Kosovo. Serb passengers leave the heavily guarded Kosovo Polje train.

In our first 25 years, Panos photographers have won an astonishing 51 World Press Photo awards.

Prizes are not everything, we know, but neither should they be dismissed. 31 individual photographers have shared in this success, and 36 of the awards have come since the year 2000, illustrating the rapid progress the agency has made.

The quality and breadth of our photographers’ work gets better year on year, and all of us at the agency are proud to represent such a talented and committed group of people.

Panos Pictures Editor David Arnott has made a personal selection of a dozen of the winning pictures here. You can find links below to all 51 winners in the World Press Photo online archive.

George Georgiou. Serbia, A flea market in New Belgrade.

1990, Leo Erken, Honourable mention, People in the News

1991, Witold Krassowski, 3rd prize, Daily Life stories

1991, Frits Meyst, Honourable mention, People in the News stories

1992, Paul Lowe, 1st prize, General News stories

1992, Paul Lowe, 1st prize, Nature stories

Carolyn Drake. Ukraine. Pensioner friends walk home together after a birthday party.

1993, Andrew Testa, 3rd prize, Nature

1994, Paul Lowe, 2nd prize, General News stories

1994, Francesco Cito, 3rd prize, Daily Life stories

1995, Francesco Cito, 1st prize, Sports stories

1995, Paul Lowe, 2nd prize, Spot News stories

Paul Lowe. Somalia. Children at a feeding centre in Baidoa.

1995, Stephan Vanfleteren, 3rd prize, Sports stories

1996, Stephan Vanfleteren, 2nd prize, People in the News stories

1996, Stephan Vanfleteren, 1st prize, Daily Life stories

1999, Tom Pilston, 2nd prize, Daily Life

1999, Tim Hetherington, 2nd prize, Sports stories

Espen Rasmussen. Latvia. Collecting flowers for the Midsummer Festival.

2000, Chris de Bode, 3rd prize, Sports

2000, Stephan Vanfleteren, 3rd prize, Arts and Entertainment stories

2000, Christien Jaspars, 2nd prize, Arts and Entertainment stories

2000, Stephan Vanfleteren, Individual awards, Children’s Award

2000, Paul Lowe, 2nd prize, People in the News

Tom Pilston. Southern Sudan. Chiefs from the Nuer and Dinka tribes dance and engage in mock battles at a peace conference.

2000, Chris Keulen, 1st prize, Sports stories

2000, Matias Costa, 1st prize, People in the News stories

2001, Tim Hetherington, 1st prize, Portraits stories

2001, Stefan Boness, 3rd prize, Science & Technology

2001, Tim Dirven, 3rd prize, Daily Life stories

William Daniels. Uganda. A man holds his baby under a mosquito net.

2001, Andrew Testa, 1st prize, Daily Life stories

2002, Ami Vitale, 3rd prize, General News stories

2002, George Georgiou, 1st prize, Portraits stories

2002, Witold Krassowski, 3rd prize, Science & Technology stories

2002, Matias Costa, 1st prize, Science & Technology

Francesco Cito. Italy. Roman Centurions hired for a wedding photo shoot among the ruins of Pompeii.

2002, Heidi Bradner, 3rd prize, Daily Life stories

2003, Jan Banning, 1st prize, Portraits stories

2003, Sergey Maximishin, 1st prize, Arts and Entertainment

2004, Patrick Brown, 2nd prize, Nature stories

2004, George Georgiou, 2nd prize, Arts and Entertainment stories

Martin Roemers. France. Frederick Lennart Bentley, a British veteran of World War II.

2004, Ami Vitale, 2nd prize, People in the News stories

2005, Andrew Testa, 2nd prize, General News

2005, Sven Torfinn, 1st prize, People in the News

2005, GMB Akash, 3rd prize, Daily Life

2005, Sergey Maximishin, 1st prize, Daily Life

Tim Hetherington. Afghanistan. An exhausted American soldier in the Korengal Valley.

2005, Kieran Dodds, 1st prize, Nature stories

2005, Martin Roemers, 2nd prize, Portraits stories

2006, Espen Rasmussen, 3rd prize, People in the News stories

2006, Espen Rasmussen, 1st prize, Arts and Entertainment

2006, Jeroen Oerlemans, Honourable mention, Spot News

Tim Dirven. Afghanistan. Women in the boot.

2007, Lana Slezic, 3rd prize, Portraits stories

2007, Carolyn Drake, 2nd prize, Daily Life stories

2007, William Daniels, 3rd prize, Contemporary Issues

2007, Tim Hetherington, 2nd prize, General News stories

2007, Tim Hetherington, World Press Photo of the Year

2010, Karla Gachet, 3rd prize, Arts and Entertainment stories

Click HERE to view a summary of World Press Photo winners in 2011.

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Lianne Milton raising funds for the people of the Sertão in Brazil affected by drought

Kacper Kowalski wins 1st prize at Grand Press Photo

Chris de Bode wins Lens Culture portrait award

Alfredo D’Amato at Medphoto in Rethymnon, Crete

Lianne Milton & Shiho Fukada at Festival Photo La Gacilly, France

Rhodri Jones at Photomeria Photo Festival, Ioannina, Greece

Kieran Dodds in Sunday Times Magazine

Stefan Boness in TIME Magazine

Various Panos photographers in CNN Year in Pictures

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