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Fotopub 2012 – 23 to 28 July in Novo mesto, Slovenia

As every year toward the end of July, this year sees another gathering of professional photo veterans, young talent, enthusiastic amateurs and a whole lot of other interested folk descend on the tiny town of Novo mesto in Eastern Slovenia for Fotopub 2012, a week of shmoozing, snapping and savouring of fine photography.

Under the patient, inspired tutelage of Panos Pictures’ Chris de Bode in his capacity of creative director and with photographer Piotr Malecki attending as a photographic mentor, the experience promises to be enlightening and envigorating. Panos’ multimedia producer Anna Stevens will be holding a week-long course for interested parties and the work of George Georgiou will be on display throughout.

For more information on the festival and to apply for a place please click HERE or visit

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Piotr Malecki
Chris de Bode
George Georgiou

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Fotopub 2012



Chris de Bode in Ukraine

Andrew McConnell in Beirut, Lebanon

Vlad Sokhin in Dakar, Senegal

Tommy Trenchard in Cape Town, South Africa

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Minzayar Oo is awarded Rory Peck Trust’s Martin Adler Prize.

Nic Dunlop & Patrick Brown holding workshop in Bangkok, Thailand.

Tim Dirven publishes new book – Karkas.

Tim Smith at Gallery Oldham in Oldham, UK

Chris de Bode at St Martin in the Fields, London

Jan Banning at Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle, Netherlands

Sven Torfinn on

Seamus Murphy in The Irish Times

Stefan Boness in Benetton Clothes for Humans

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