Still from a series of short films directed by James Morgan for the Vaseline Healing Project.

The films we make inform, entertain and sometimes shock. They alter opinions. They spark debate. They inspire people to make changes. And sometimes they raise a laugh.

Whether we’re making an independent film for broadcast, shooting an editorial story for a leading publication or working on a CSR film for a big brand, our focus is always the same: compelling stories, strong visuals and intelligent editing.

We work with dynamic filmmakers worldwide who are sensitive to local issues and are dedicated to producing powerful, well researched, journalistically driven films that tell the human story behind the headlines.

We work closely with our partners on all stages of production including research and treatment, storyboarding, shooting, editing, post production and distribution. Uniquely in the photography industry, we manage all our post production in-house.

The films we produce for our clients convey their stories professionally and succinctly, making them easy to share with and be seen by the people that matter.

Wolf Hunter
James Morgan for AJ+

In Siberia, wolves are killing reindeer by the thousands, pushing the government to create a bounty system to curtail the wolf population.

A Bot to Watch over Me
Shiho Fukada for STAT News

Japan has the largest percentage of older people in the world and by 2025 it will face a shortage of 37,700 care workers. To fill the gap, robots of all shapes and sizes have come to the rescue.

Virtually Able
Shiho Fukada for STAT News

Japan’s average life expectancy was the highest in the world in 2015 according to the World Health Organisation. But what’s the point of living longer if you’re not happy? Psychotherapist Kenta Toshima has some ingenious ideas.

Under Suspicion: The Impact of Discriminatory Policing in Spain
Markel Redondo for Open Society Foundations

Personal stories and portraits of people who deal with discrimination based on their religious appearance, ethnicity and race in their everyday lives.

Just Gold Project
Sven Torfinn for Partnership Africa Canada

The Just Gold project is the first to successfully trace conflict-free and legal artisanal gold from mine site to export while applying regional and international standards applicable to conflict-affected and high-risk areas.

Living in Danger
J.B. Russell for MAG

Up to 8,000 people have been killed or injured in Iraq by cluster munitions. One quarter of these casualties were children. Thousands of civilians worldwide continue to be affected.