Hidden Lives‘ exhibition panels on display inside St Pancras International station in London.

Communicating human stories to new audiences through compelling creative projects.

Through the original use of photography, film and print, our creative projects help challenge perceptions and enable our commercial and not-for-profit clients to connect with new and diverse audiences.

From photographs and films to exhibitions and books across digital and physical platforms, we produce large, multi-country creative projects for our international clients.

We specialise in shaping an idea that will work for the editorial market, then working creatively to bring it to fruition.

From developing the creative concept, raising funds, commissioning the photography and overseeing the design and production process through to promoting and delivering the final product, we handle all aspects of the project.

A collage of details from the homes of people photographed
and interviewed as part of On Solid Ground.

01. Concept

We start by talking through your communication objectives, then working with you to identify stories and shape ideas that will have the most impact on your audience, as well as gaining editorial coverage.

02. Production

We commission photographers and filmmakers, as well as designers, 3D designers, printers, editors and web developers, to produce high quality, impactful work. And we find unusual and interesting exhibition spaces that create outstanding backdrops for your projects.

03. Delivery and Distribution

We deliver the project on time, and through our network of editorial contacts, we ensure coverage for the project in newspapers, magazines and in the digital space.

DavidRose, Slave Britain

Free From Hunger
Chris de Bode, Abbie Trayler-Smith and Nora Lorek

Through their distinctive style and perspective, three Panos photographers showed what hunger means for ordinary people, going beyond the statistics and putting a human face to a this perennial global issue.

Goat Power
Chris de Bode

Farm Africa commissioned Chris de Bode to document their work in rural communities in Ethiopia and Uganda where goats are transforming the lives of communities that regularly face food insecurity.

One Meal A day
Chris de Bode

The British Red Cross commissioned Panos to produce an innovative photo essay and exhibition to highlight the unfolding food security catastrophe affecting 9 million people across Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

Guinea: Waiting for Justice
Tommy Trenchard

FIDH commissioned Tommy Trenchard to photograph survivors of the 2009 massacre in Guinea. With Tommy’s photographs Panos created, produced and distributed visual content for FIDH’s campaign aimed at members of the Guinean government, international human rights NGOs and the International Criminal Court.

#Future of Cities
Various Photographers

In collaboration with Panos Pictures and the World Photography Organisation (WPO), Sony's Global Imaging Ambassadors present a nine-month social documentary initiative called 'FutureofCities'.

My Toilet
Various Photographers

Through images and stories from 20 countries, across every continent, a collaboration between Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) and Panos Pictures shows the importance of adequate sanitation for women and girls.

On Solid Grounds
Various Photographers

Working with IRC and ECHO, seven Panos photographers asked people in seven communities affected by some of the world's worst humanitarian disasters what 'home' means to them.

Hidden Lives
Andrew McConnell

Over half the world's refugees now live in cities where they face a unique set of challenges. Working with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and the European Commission’s humanitarian aid and civil protection department (ECHO), Andrew McConnell travelled to eight cities across four continents to document the lives of some of these urban refugees.