Three Panos photographers – Abbie Trayler-Smith, Nora Lorek and Chris de Bode – show what hunger means for ordinary people through their distinct personal style and perspective.

Abbie Trayler-Smith met numerous families who are struggling to feed their children and survive among the chronic instability of South Sudan. She chose to photograph each member of the family with the food they are able to source for themselves and their families.

Chris de Bode took his inspiration from the aesthetic and iconography of Dutch 17th still life painting and asked people in each home he visited to select items of food and other possessions that are important to them, using these to create the centre piece for a still life.

Nora Lorek met mothers and grandmothers in Liberia and photographed them in front of the colourful fabrics they use to carry children and dry them after a bath; fabrics that are both beautiful and practical.

01. Exhibition

Production of an outdoor exhibition at More London, UK

02. Media placement

Published by the BBC website

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