A photographic meditation from the skies above Poland.

Asmara is a unique example of early 20th Century modernist architecture, now been elevated to UNESCO World Heritage status

Ivor Prickett covered the fight against ISIS forces across Syria and Iraq between 2016 and 2018, working for the New York Times.

An ongoing project looking at the effects of global warming on the Arctic region.

72 countries around the world have criminal laws against sexual activity by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex peop

An in-depth study of the epic Rohingya refugee crisis and its effect on hundreds of thousands of ordinary people.

The effects of China's breakneck industrialisation on the Yellow River

More than 620 million Africans, or two thirds of the population of the continent, have no access to electricity.

The Congo river is the lifeline of a region with few roads or railways.

A glimpse into the opaque world of contemporary Turkish politics and society.

Dubai - success story or megalomania?

Ending one of the world's longest running civil wars.

The murky world of Swiss banking.

22 megacities on five continents

The result of years of aerial photography, this is a visual study of the complicated relationship between humans and nature.

Exploring the topography and migrations of London from the vantage point of a bus.

The result of two decades of work, Belgicum is a unique document about a country in search of a raison d'etre.

Chris de Bode asked children around the world about their dreams for the future.

For over 40 years Western Sahara, a former Spanish colony in northwestern Africa, and its people, the Sahrawis, have been living

The people feeling the pain of Japan's unforgiving job market

A collaboration between the International Rescue Committee and Panos Pictures

The Central African Republic (CAR) has seen more than its fair share of coups and unrest over the five and a half decades

In collaboration with the World Photography Organisation (WPO) and Sony's Global Imaging Ambassadors (SGIA), Panos Pictures created #FutureofCities, a documentary photography project that looks at some of the problems, solutions and trends shaping cities

A journey through blue collar America to meet the people struggling to keep the American Dream alive.