World Press Photo: New Stories


Adrian Evans and David Arnott from Panos Pictures acted as consultants on the book World Press Photo: New Stories which presents documentary stories made by ten young photographers from the developing world.

World Press Photo managing director Michiel Munneke explained: “The book is a showcase for the power of visual storytelling. It features the issues that matter to them – the perspectives are theirs. They are our visual interpreters.”

Panos director Adrian Evans commented: “New Stories is a celebration of photography and the championing of photojournalism in the developing world. I took on the project because I knew it would take me out of my comfort zone and educate me as well.”

The book, which features Panos photographers Atul Loke and Kemal Jufri amongst its talented roster, offers different perspectives to those of Western photojournalists working for the established media. It is available for sale on the World Press Photo website.