Christian Als

Copenhagen, Denmark

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‘Life at the ballet is naturally alluring.

‘Violence, impunity, and horrific human rights abuses continue in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For the first time in human history, the majority of the world’s population live in cities.

What has become known as the “Jasmine Revolution” – the ousting of Tunisia’s autocratic president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali who ruled the country for 23 years – is sending shockwaves through the Arab world.

The war between the Israeli army and Hamas militants in Gaza, dubbed “Operation Cast Lead”, lasted for 22 unrelenting days from 27 December 2008 until 18 January 2009.

The days of ultra-cheap labour and little regulation in China’s manufacturing sector are gone.

China is in the midst of a love affair with coal – but it is not the healthiest of relationships.

Like other photographers captivated by the events in North Africa and the Middle East, Christian Als was keen to get to Libya to document the uprising against the Gaddafi regime first hand.

Families of victims of enforced disappearance in Algeria have been demanding for years that the authorities reveal the fate and whereabouts of their relatives, who vanished after being taken away by security forces during the violent civil war of the 1990s.

One year on from the country’s independence, South Sudan is facing a litany of challenges; none bigger than the health situation of those in the fledgling state’s refugee camps.

In June 2011, President Obama announced his intention to start the gradual withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan after a decade of bloody and often controversial engagement.