Dieter Telemans

Brussels, Belgium

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A new gold fever has struck California – but this time it’s almonds, not nuggets.

Britain’s leading charities come together in a unique photographic exhibition produced by Panos Pictures to challenge world leaders to deliver their promises.

History has come full circle for South Africa’s witkaffers – white Negroes.

Religion has become a flourishing business in poverty-stricken Kinshasa, capital of Democratic Republic of Congo, with scores of pentecostal churches springing up in recent years.

There is a proverb saying that the Cantonese eat everything on 4 legs except for a table and a chair and everything that flies except for an aeroplane.

From a Hindu temple in southern India to the smartest salons in the West, the lucrative trade in human hair traverses the globe.

In 2006, five countries in East Africa suffered their worst drought in over a decade.

A dry bed scattered with shells and rusting ships is all that remains of a formerly bustling harbour in what was once the world’s fourth-largest inland sea.

Tanzania’s albinos are stalked by cancer, stigmatisation and murder.

‘Just because they are living in isolation does not give us the right to let them down.