Iva Zimova

Prague, Czech Republic


Czech/Canadian, 1956

Iva first developed her photographic eye in Montreal, where she studied photography at Dawson College. But Dawson Collage teaches commercial photography, and in any case she found that she was more comfortable wandering the streets with her camera than being locked up in a studio.

Montreal's streets were not enough for her, however, so she started to travel to different places. She set out to document the lives of people who are persecuted or neglected. In 1998, during the war in Kosovo, she encountered the Czech NGO People in Need and since then has been contributing to their efforts with her work.

For Iva, it's very important to be involved in the environment that she is photographing; to be accepted by the people she photographs and to become one of them.

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Since the beginning of Ukraine’s long and painful period of instability and war Iva Zimova has been travelling all over the country, meeting ordinary people and photographing their lives.

In a series of portraits, Iva Zimova photographs the farmers, beekeepers, vendors and policemen of rural Afghanistan, people whose faces are not often seen in the global media.