Jacob Silberberg

Boston, USA

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On November 4th 2008, Barack Obama was elected president of the United States.

The leftward shift sweeping Latin America represents the most significant economic and social development in the region since a wave of leftist and populist governments were overthrown in the 1970s.

A boy tenderly cradles his younger sibling.

One of the many consequences of the war in Iraq is the creation of the world’s biggest refugee crisis.

They visit diners at a prodigious rate, but rarely stop to eat.

To understand the changes in India’s economy and society, Jacob Silberberg decided to look at what its people eat.

Lucha Libre – Spanish for ‘Free Fight’ – is a style of wrestling which started in Mexico in 1933.

Harlot Fevah, Kitty Twister, Pussy Venom, Malicen Thunderland, Anna WrecksYa, General Lee Feisty, Triple Deck-Her.

Welcome to ‘Naija’, or better still, ‘9ja’.