James Morgan

London, United Kingdom

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I’m in Nikolai Smetanin’s office where he is talking me through a series of photographs of mangled reindeer carcasses.

Wildlife poaching is a highly lucrative enterprise across various African countries and some of the most valuable animals, such as elephants, live in and around some of the most troubled regions of the continent.

Tucked between the Tibetan Plateau to the north and India to the south, west and east, Bhutan lies entirely within the Eastern Himalayas.

West Papua is one of the last great frontier wildernesses.

Bolivia’s vast salt flats contain the greatest concentrations of lithium on earth half of all global reserves according to some estimates.

Yolanda La Amorosa flies through the air in a swirl of gold lame and petticoats, her calves clamped around the throat of her unfortunate opponent.