Jittrapon Kaicome

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Jittrapon Kaicome is an independent photojournalist based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In 2014, he began telling stories through his photography from his hometown during the annual air pollution crisis in northern Thailand. This sparked his interest in the wider issues related to climate change, with humans at the centre of the story.

Having grown up in Chiang Mai, a city of many ethnicities, Jittrapon also feels compelled to draw attention to underrepresented ethnic communities in the region.

Jittrapon has documented the border regions on both sides of Thailand between the neighboring countries of Laos and Myanmar, delineated by the Mekong and Salween Rivers, where a large minority of Karen people from Myanmar have for decades been affected by conflict and displacement.

He continues to work on issues around ethnic groups, including traditional bonds with the domestic elephants amid a global debate about animal welfare.

Jittrapon’s work has been published in Le Monde, Liberation, National Geographic Thailand, Al Jazeera, The Irrawaddy, Bangkok Post and many other publications worldwide.

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Asian elephants have had a special place in Thai culture for centuries and play a central role in the local tourism industry.