Joan Bardeletti

Barcelona, Spain

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Driven out of their countries by conflict and chaos, refugees from Africa continue to arrive in rickety boats on Italy’s southernmost outposts such as the island of Lampedusa, a mere 130 km from the Libyan coast.

Small is Powerful – a project looking at the impact Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are having on economic development in various African countries.

NEST is a Senegalese healthcare company offering comprehensive maternal and child health services.

Agrisatch is a medium sized agribusiness based in the small village of Tori northeast of the capital Cotonou.

CDS in Mauritania is a venture which provided access to water and electricity in rural communities using renewable sources wherever possible.

Since the end of Apartheid in South Africa in 1994, around three million black South Africans have risen into the country’s middle class.

In the far reaches of North Dakota, close to the Canadian border, a remote and inhospitable landscape has turned into an El Dorado for oil companies forever searching for new reserves and for thousands of victims of the credit crunch.