Jocelyn Carlin

Auckland, New Zealand


New Zealand b.1955

~~Like most New Zealander's, she is well travelled and has always been most interested in indigenous cultures of the world, and particularly the Pacific region for more than 10 years.

~~More recently she has explored consequences of environmental and social change on those peoples.

~~She has two published books, 'Mana Wahine, Maori women who show the Way' and 'Beach, New Zealand' and been involved on many group publications and group and solo exhibitions in New Zealand and Australia.~~She is currently a Trustee of the Auckland Photography Festival.

The highest point in the tiny nation of Tuvalu is just four and a half metres above sea level.

A tsunami triggered by an 8.

‘…thought I’d let you know we made it to Melbourne last night.

The story of Kiribati is one that reflects modern life in many developing Pacific Ocean states: nations who suffer the environmental consequences of sustaining life in fragile ecosystems and find themselves treading water in the fight against rising sea levels.