Bibiane’s Story: Restoring Sight in Papua New Guinea

Vlad Sokhin

Producer: Patric Rose
Video: Vlad Sokhin
Edit: Moke Xu
Client: The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ

Bibiane suffers in isolation with cataract blindness. As a respected elder and the matriarch of her family, she should be enjoying time with her grandchildren and her community. Instead she is completely dependent on her grandson to lead her around for even the most basic daily activities like going to the toilet or getting to the river for a bath.

But Bibiane’s condition is completely curable. The problem is that there are not enough eye doctors in Papua New Guinea. For a population of 7.2 million people there are only 9 eye doctors. As a result people like Bibiane have been living with blindness for years. The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ is working to change this. From its clinic in Madang, The Foundation is training local eye doctors and nurses to help people like Bibiane.

Continuing the work of Fred Hollows, a New Zealand – Australian ophthalmologist, the Foundation works to ensure that the developing world does not get second-rate eye care, promoting sight as a human right.

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