Hard.Land – The American Dream, Detroit

Espen Rasmussen

Photography and video: Espen Rasmussen
Edit: Espen Rasmussen
Reporter: Roy F. Andersen
Music: Sea Oleena – Sister Johnny Ripper Remix
Augustus Bro & Gallery Six – Led by the Dress Colored in Red

Allan Hills lives in the ruins of Detroit, The Motor City of the World.
His home is the abandoned plant where the world famous luxury car, Packard, was once made.

Packard was the biggest factory in the world, housed in this 325,000 square metre buildings. It was opened in 1903 and made the American Dream real for tens of thousands of workers that became part of America’s middle class.

Hard.Land is a multimedia project – a journey through Blue Collar America to meet the people struggling to keep the American Dream alive: The middle class, the unemployed, the new poor, the workers on low or minimum wage – and those who have lost benefits and had their salaries slashed.

From Chicago to Detroit, Youngstown, Beckley, Williamsport and finally New York, reporter Roy Freddy Andersen and photographer Espen Rasmussen tell stories of people who are facing difficult times, and those who still have work, but often on minimum wages.

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