Marielle and Monica

Fabio Erdos

Director/cinematographer/local producer/editor: Fábio Erdos
Sound/assistant director: Marcelo Engster
Sound designer: Lucas Piovesan
Producer: Marina Costa
Executive producer: Charlie Phillips
Executive producer: Jacqueline Edenbrow

Marielle Franco, a Brazilian politician and LGBT and human-rights activist, was killed in March 2018. While coming to terms with the death of her partner, Monica Benicio continues the fight to give a voice to those who are deemed disposable in Brazil: women, the poor, the LGBT community, and black Brazilians.

Marielle’s murder has still not been solved and, as the police investigation drifts, Monica is plunged into a new crisis because of the right-wing, anti-LGBT politician Jair Bolsonaro’s campaign to become Brazilian president. Marielle and Monica tells a personal story of loss, bringing into focus the challenges that lie ahead for LGBT rights and progressive politics in Brazil.

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