Now I am a Refugee

Christian Als

Director: Christian Als & Kristoffer Juel
Director of Photography: Christian Als & Kristoffer Juel
Post Production Supervisor: Theis Clausen
Producer: Charlotte Esmann
Post Production: Pegasus Production
Editor: Christian Als / Kristoffer Juel / Theis Clausen / Rikke Selin
Colorist: Theis Clausen
Sound Mix / Sound Design: Johan Høyer
Graphics: Mounia Bensalem
Tech: Kenneth Dederding Espensen

Now I am a Refugee tells the personal and moving story of Mazen, a Syrian refugee who arrived on the Greek island in the summer of 2015. Mazen is a powerful storyteller and as he takes us through his journey, he reflects on his past and on his future as a refugee.

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