Carlos Spottorno

Video & Edit: Carlos Spottorno
Special thanks (Bangladesh): the craftspeople of CORR – The Jute Works
Bertha City Baroi
Niranjan Mondal
Milton Suanjit Ratna
Special thanks (Mallorca): Toni Reynes
Marcos Vidal
Ata Lassalle
Susana Romero
Xisca Fuster
Lluc Frontera
Rubén Batalla
Mateu Oliver
Araceli Placer

Irene and Araceli design very cool shoes in Mallorca. A group of artisan women from CORR – The Jute works (a initiative of Caritas) craft these beautiful and comfortable shoes. Pla means plain, but it is also the name of the area where they live and work in Mallorca.

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