The Fight

Christian Als

Client: Knaek Cancer / TV2
Producer/Director: Christian Als
Cinematographer: Christian Als
Editor: Christian Als
Score: The Echelon Effect, Hammock and Goldmund
Stills: Thomas Lekfeldt

The diagnosis of cancer in anyone we love is a terrifying prospect, but we probably least expect it in our children. Three families at very different stages of this journey share their experiences of this life-changing ordeal.

13-year-old Julie Farum Kristiansen was diagnosed with lymphoma in the spring of 2012. After a tough fight with two rounds of chemotherapy, she was given the all clear, four months later. Her mother Lisa feels that these months changed their relationship for the better.

2-year-old Alexander from Grenaa has had a severe brain tumor since he was five and a half months old. His parents have so far helped him through 30 radiation treatments. Sadly, Alexander later died of his illness in 2014.

Michael M. Jorgensen talks about the period five years ago when his heart broken by the death of his seven year old daughter Vibe who died of a brain tumor.

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