Wandering Clown

Payasito Nochi (aka Nochi the Clown), had a difficult childhood. Neglected by his mother, he turned to drugs at an early age in the decaying social landscape in which Guatemala has been mired over the past decades. The name Nochi comes from his nickname Chino (“Chinese”) and Noche (“Night”), as he looked like a Chinese kid and lived mostly by night.

When he was living on the streets he became a clown when he got a job on a show pretending to be one a clown. Over the following eight years he managed to get enough shows to learn his trade and survive, helped and mentored by other clowns in Guatemala.

“The Wandering Clown” is a feature length character-driven documentary, shot in an observational style, following Payasito Nochi as he struggles to reach the United States in order to provide medicine for his sick mother and to support his wife. His dream is to one day buy a small piece of land to be able to build his own house.

If you are interested this film or have any questions please contact marina@panos.co.uk directly.