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World exclusive: Inside the Chilean mine

Edison Peña has been to hell and back and he has the photographs to prove it.

These world exclusive pictures taken inside the San Jose mine in Chile give us a unique glimpse of the horrific conditions Los 33 had to endure.

Writer Dan McDougall and photographer Adam Patterson spent weeks with Edison’s family before he was rescued and began corresponding with Edison by letter. He told them about his exercise regime: wearing his heavy leather mining boots, he had been running over five miles each day in sweltering temperatures.

Using the paloma system, a narrow tube connecting the miners to the surface, Dan and Adam sent Edison a pair of Nike running shoes and a small digital camera.

The pictures Edison took inside the mine give us a unique glimpse of the difficult conditions the miners had to endure. This is Edison’s campbed in the refuge.

After the rescue, Edison was the first miner to be released from hospital. Three days later, Adam Patterson took this portrait of him – he was about to go running again. He has now been invited to take part in the New York City marathon.

Panos Pictures is selling the pictures on behalf of Edison Peña. Special conditions and rates apply.

Click here for Edison’s story, To Hell and Back.

Click here for Adam Patterson’s story about the families of the miners, Camp Hope.

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