Andrew Testa wins Portrait of Britain 2020 awards

Two of Andrew Testa‘s images have been announced as winners in this year’s Portrait of Britain 2020 awards.

Click on the image below to view in full size.

“I photographed Captain Tom in May 2020, after he had completed 100 laps of the patio area by his house and celebrated his 100th birthday. It was at the height of the pandemic so I was fully kitted out in a mask and gloves and under strict instructions to keep a good distance. He posed by the house, walked a lap of the patio, and finally, as we neared the end of the shoot, he stood and saluted.”

This is lifelong Labour voter Colin with his wife in the house they rent in Wigan. He voted to leave the European Union because he believes that for him things can’t get any worse. ‘Let’s shake the tree and see where things land. Maybe my life will get better.’