Bill Stephenson exhibiting at S1 Artspace in Sheffield, UK

Bill Stephenson will be exhibiting his work on the last remaining residents of the Hyde Park estate in Sheffield.

Bill produced the work in 1988 when the estate had fallen largely into disrepair and had come to be considered a failed experiment in social housing by Sheffield City Council. Bill’s work will be shown side by side with the work of the late Roger Mayne who photographed the first and last residents of another social housing estate – Park Hill – from 1965 until 1988. The joint exhibition is being shown under the title of Love Among the Ruins, after Evelyn Waugh’s satirical short story of the same name.

The intimate portraits will be shown at:

S1 Artspace Sheffield
1 Norwich Street
Park Hill
S2 5PN

from 20 July until 15 September 2018.

For more information on the exhibition, please click here.