Jan Banning crowd-funding for the release of Christina Boyer

Since May 2018 Jan Banning has been devoting a large part of his time to trying to get Christina Boyer, an American woman, released from prison. Christina has been incarcerated in Georgia (US) for almost 27 years, accused of murdering her three-year-old daughter Amber. After carrying out extensive research, he became convinced that she is innocent.

In 2018, Jan spent two and a half months in Georgia working to affect her release at his own expense. He will return in March 2019, primarily for advocacy in the form of university lectures, media interviews and collaboration with her lawyer. In addition to this he is also going to work on a photography and text project to which Christina will contribute from prison. The final work is intended for publication as a book and an exhibition, probably in 2020, and will hopefully also be shown in Atlanta, GA.

So far, the advocacy has led to several hopeful results but Jan needs a final financial push.

With several other supporters Jan has launched a crowdfunding campaign. If you want to donate to this campaign for her release, or if you want to know more about her case, please click here for the GoGetFunding campaign.

Please feel free to share this project via social media.

Christina Boyer and her daughter Amber.