Panos photographers win POY International awards

Three Panos photographers have won prizes at this year’s Pictures of the Year (POY) International awards, the world’s oldest photojournalism competition hosted by RJI at the Missouri School of Journalism.

Mads Nissen won the first prize in the International Photographer of the Year category

Bloodstains on a hospital bed from a soldier with severe leg wounds in a military hospital in a secret location near the front line, Donbas, Ukraine, 2022. © Mads Nissen/Panos Pictures

Mads also won the first prize in the Portrait Single category for his image of Khalil Ahmad, a boy from Afghanistan whose family were forced to sell his kidney in order to survive.

The parents of Khalil Ahmad (15) decided to sell their son’s left kidney because they are too poor to feed the family. They were paid 320,000 Afghani (3,500 USD) for the kidney, an amount that it would take Khalil’s father Gul years to earn even if there was work for him. Afghanistan, 2022. © Mads Nissen/Panos Pictures

Justin Jin won an Environmental Vision Award for his work on Green Hydrogen.

Parts of a wind turbine destined for the world’s largest windfarm in the North Sea off the Dutch coast on a transport ship. Netherlands, 2022. © Justin Jin/Panos Pictures

Jonas Kako also won an Environmental Vision Award for his work on the disappearing Colorado River in the United States.

Alfredo Fierro and his collaborators Ubaldo and Jose, wearing protective suits, tend bees in the Arizona desert near Wenden. Arizona, USA. 2022. © Jonas Kako/Panos Pictures

We congratulate all of them on their prizes!