Panos photographers have been nominated for World Press Photo awards

Two Panos photographers – Mads Nissen and Lalo de Almeida – have been nominated for World Press Photo Awards with their work on Covid and the devastating wildfires in the Pantanal in Brazil.

Mads Nissen‘s image of Adrian Silva da Costa, a social worker, hugging 85 year old Rosa Luzia Lunardi through a ‘covid-safe’ plastic curtain has been nominated for the Photo of the Year and for the singles category in the General News section.

Rosa Luzia Lunardi (85) hugs social worker Adriana Silva da Costa Souza (39) through a ‘covid-safe’ plastic curtain. Sao Paulo, Brazil. August 2020. © Mads Nissen/Panos Pictures

Lalo de Almeida‘s reportage on the fires in the Pantanal has been nominated for the stories category in the Environment section.

A Bugio monkey left carbonised after it was burned to death by a forest fire that swept through the Santa Tereza farm in the Pantanal. The forest fires in the region were so intense that not even the fastest animals were able to escape its flames. Corumba, Mato Grasso, Brazil. October 2020. © Lalo de Almeida/Panos Pictures