Sony World Photography award winners

Three photographer with Panos Pictures have won awards at this year’s SONY World Photography Awards.

Mads Nissen was decorated for his work in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of US and other allied troops from the country. To view more – please click here.

Women and children begging for food outside a bakery in central Kabul, Afghanistan. January 2022 © Mads Nissen/Panos Pictures

Family members gather for lunch of bread and tea at the home of Afisa (25) who is holding Hojatullah her 11 month old son. Hojatullah was diagnosed as malnourished when seen by a health worker in a small clinic managed by UNICEF, Alibeg, Bamyan Province, Afghanistan. January 2022. © Mads Nissen/Panos Pictures

Kacper Kowalski won a prize for his latest project called Event Horizon. This body of work has just appeared as a book, published by 1605 Collective, which is available to purchase here.

Jonas Kako has been recognised for his work on the Colorado River in the US which is slowly disappearing as a result of climate change. View more here.

The exposed inflow towers at Hoover Dam. Boulder City, Nevada, USA. November 2021. © Jonas Kako/Panos Pictures

Exposed tyres used to demarcate moorings at the Bullfrog Marina on the northern part of Lake Powell. Bullfrog Marina, Utah, USA. March 2022. © Jonas Kako/Panos Pictures