Street Photography Now

George Georgiou and Carolyn Drake are among 46 contemporary photographers profiled in the book Street Photography Now to be published by Thames & Hudson in October 2010.

The book, edited by Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren, is the first major survey of street photographers in twenty years. In an interview, Carolyn Drake explained some of the advantages and disadvantages of working in a foreign culture:

‘It can be invigorating to work in a place where I feel like an outsider because it usually means it is a place that I don’t fully understand and I enjoy the process of trying to understand. Guests are treated with honour in a lot of the places I’ve worked. But I was not always accepted. Particularly in Uzbekistan, I was often welcomed with a degree of hesitation, fear or suspicion… My pictures aren’t directly about this, but a huge part of what I get from my work is a chance to come face to face with what ‘American’ means to the rest of the world.’