‘The Verdict’, a new book by Jan Banning, now out

Jan Banning‘s new book The Verdict is a multi-layered case study of the U.S. Criminal Justice system and mass incarceration. In the book Banning delves into a three decades-old murder case in Georgia.

On April 14, 1992, 22-year-old Christina Boyer was arrested for killing her toddler daughter Amber and sentenced to life in prison. Convinced of Boyer’s innocence, Banning started a campaign that inspired and mobilised hundreds of people from more than 15 countries.

The unusual friendship between Christina Boyer and Jan Banning captured the attention of Dutch TV presenter Katinka Baehr, who made the podcast ‘Jan & Christina’ for NTR’s NPO Radio 1, and recently Brooklyn-based production company Latchkey Films was backed by ABC to produce a documentary miniseries, which will be released on HULU in September 2022.

The book can be purchased from Schilt Publishing and Gallery.

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