Adam Dean published in Newsweek Japan

Adam Dean‘s photo story about the researchers in Thailand trying to establish whether there’s a link between Covid-19 and bats has been published in Newsweek Japan. To view the full story, click here.

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Elena Chernyshova’s reportage on the life of the Nenet people of Russia’s Yamal peninsula has been published in Vi Menn magazine in Norway. To see the full story, please click...

Luis Antonio Rojas‘ story about the Carmona family, trying to keep the family farm going while Mexico City grows all around it, has been published by Vi Menn magazine in...

Pascal Maitre‘s long-term work on gold mining in Niger has been published in Le Figaro magazine in France.

Laurent Weyl’s reportage on the effects of Covid 19 on the Central African Republic has been published in Norwegian Vi Menn magazine. To view the full story, please click here.

Lauren Weyl’s story on Operation Arctic Shield in Alaska has been published in Figaro Magazine. To see the full story, please click here.

Andrew Testa has been covering Britain’s battle with the Covid pandemic over the past months. His work, comprising both video and photography, has now been published in the New York...

Matthew Abbott‘s photo story about Marble Bar, the hottest town in Australia, has been published in China Philanthropist magazine. To view the full story, click here.

Pascal Maitre‘s latest reportage on Ethiopia – Epiphany against the backdrop of a Civil War – has been published by Le Figaro magazine in France.

Fernando Moleres‘ long-terms project looking at the human effect on the natural environment – Anthropocene – has been published in XL Semanal in Spain.

Noriko Hayashi’s extraordinary study of the lives of Japanese women who followed their Korean husbands to Korea and have never been able to return to their native land has been...

Atul Loke‘s report on agave cultivation to make tequila in India has been published in the Economist’s 1843 Magazine. To see more, click on the image below.

Iva Zimova’s recent work on homeless people coping with the Covid-19 pandemic in the Czech Republic has been published in the online photo magazine Private Photo Review.

Lalo de Almeida‘s stark study of the devastating effect of Covid-19 on Brazilian society has been published in Japanese Newsweek magazine. Click here to see the full story.

Noriko Hayashi‘s extraordinary, intimate documentation of Japanese women who emigrated to North Korea, usually following their Korean husbands, who have never returned to their native country, has been published by...

Pascal Maitre’s work on Mali has been published in French GEO magazine.