Tommy Trenchard cover on Penguin book about Rohingya crisis

Tommy Trenchard‘s image from a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh is being featured on the new Penguin book “First, They Erased Our Name: A Rohingya Speaks” by Habiburahman, Sophie Ansel and Andrea Reece.

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Tom Pilston‘s recent work from Sierra Leone, shot for Christian Aid, has been published in the Herald Magazine.

Piotr Malecki recently visited London and met people on the street, asking them how they felt about Brexit and how they thought it would affect their lives. The portraits he...

Kacper Kowalski‘s mesmerising aerial photography of his native Poland in the winter has been published in the weekend supplement of Spain’s leading newspaper – El Pais.

Kieran Dodds’ recently concluded study of the remarkable church forests in Ethiopia which are maintained by churches and monasteries against the odds of climate change and desertification has been published...

Nora Lorek‘s long-term work on a community of South Sudanese refugees living in the Bidibidi refugee settlement on the border with Uganda has been published by National Geographic. Click on...

Piotr Malecki‘s study of America’s enduring love affair with the motor car has been published in the Spanish weekend magazine El Pais Semanal.

Some of Panos photographer Iva Zimova‘s archive from the 1980s and 1990s has been featured on the Private Photo Review under the title of Back to the Negatives.

Shiho Fukada‘s latest story on the large and growing population of elderly prisoners in Japanese jails has been published in the Germany magazine STERN.

Lianne Milton‘s recent shoot for the Washington Post covering the problem of child sex abuse in the Amazon has been published in the Washington Post. To view more images on...

Minzayar Oo‘s long term project looking at the effects of jade mining in northern Myanmar has been published in the Norwegian daily Dagens Næringsliv.

Tommy Trenchard recently travelled to the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius for GEO France to document its tropical beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Patrick Brown’s World Press Photo award winning work on the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh has been published over several pages in Rolling Stone magazine.

Andrew Testa’s photo story about the iconic red phone box in the UK which is slowly disappearing has been published in the Chinese Southern People Weekly. To view the full...

Adam Dean‘s award winning story about Filipino fishermen in the South China Sea has been published in German Stern Magazin.

Espen Rasmussen‘s latest photo story on Israeli settlers in the West Bank has been published in Verdens Gang in Norway.