Mark Henley

Geneva, Switzerland

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British, 1966

After many years in the field, observing the consequences of economic and social change in a globalising world, Mark has taken as his subject the organisations that have helped drive these changes, elaborating a visual language to talk about decision makers, diplomats and bankers who are more used to operating unobserved, behind closed doors.

His project 'Bank on us' about the secretive Swiss banking industry has won several awards including the Swiss Press Photographer of the Year 2012. He won this award a second time in 2014 for 'Waiting on a deal', his observation of the diplomatic negotiations leading to the Iranian nuclear deal in Geneva.

Mark is based at the UN in Geneva and divides his time between the real world and the United Nations. He was born in Oxford, studied English and related Literature at the University of York and lives in Geneva.

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I’ve lived away from the UK since the Thatcher Years.

This series of portraits of refugees seeking asylum in Switzerland was defaced during a public exhibition in a square in Geneva.

Now in its 36th year, the Conference on Disarmament has achieved some notable agreements.

Mark Henley’s book and exhibition ‘China [sur]real’ is drawn from 16 years of independent journeys through the country, and poses a challenge to the distorting mirrors through which the Middle Kingdom is usually regarded.

Shanghai is a construct, built and rebuilt many times over, repeatedly being stolen from its population.

Beneath the dust, Cairo twists under the twin forces of modern Western culture and militant Islam.

If this were not Mumbai with its slums, its mercantilism, its pollution and overcrowding it might have been called a snapshot of innocence lost.

Over a two year period, Mark Henley has delved deep into the discreet world of Swiss banking, the world’s most secretive tax haven~~A 7,000 billion dollar secret, the Swiss banking industry holds a third of all global offshore assets, ring-fenced by ingrained conservatism and strict banking secrecy laws.

Glimpses of the silent language of signs and symbols across the world.

Portraits of officers belonging to the Peoples Armed Police on the National Day of the Peoples Republic of China.

Mark Henley was among the media scrum in Geneva following the international talks that led to a breakthrough deal on November 24 on Iran curbing uranium enrichmentIn the early morning of 24 November in Geneva, an unexpected deal was announced between six world powers and Iran to limit its nuclear program.

Mark Henley is following the latest round of talks in Montreux and Geneva aimed at ending the Syrian Civil War which has been raging for almost three years and cost the lives of well over 100,000 people.

Every year, the Swiss canton of Vallais hosts a quintessentially rural sporting event called the ‘combats de reines’, or ‘battle of the queens’~~Every year, the Swiss canton of Valais plays host to a series of unusual sporting events when the combats de reines (or ‘queen fights’) draw tens of thousands of spectators who watch massive Herens breed cows push and shove each other across a small ring, exploiting the cow’s instinct to assert its dominance within the herd.