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Where Love is Illegal
by Robin Hammond


Days of Night, Nights of Day
by Elena Chernyshova


Sao Tome at 40
by Alfredo D’Amato

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From Sabang to Merauke, a journey across Indonesia by Chris Stowers

Indonesia – land of superlatives: the world’s largest archipelago (more than 17,000 islands spanning 4 time zones); 4th largest population – and most populous Muslim country – in the world; a land where over 300 languages are spoken and citizens range from animist mud-hut dwellers clad in penis gourds to urban sophisticates stuck in traffic jams of SUVs, shadowed by towering modernist skyscrapers.

And yet very little is known about the place beyond stereotypical images of Balinese dancers and idyllic palm-fringed beaches.

Since January 2013, Chris Stowers has been crossing the nation, from the tiny speck of Sabang, off the northwestern coast of Sumatra – Kilometer Zero in the Indonesian road system – towards the easternmost town of Merauke, at the tip of West Papua, 5,248km away. The project is on-going and nearing conclusion: a selection of some of the thousands of images gathered can be viewed on the progress blog:

ACEH_11JAN13 0009
Aceh Province, North Sumatra, Indonesia. © Chris Stowers/Panos Pictures

ACEH_14JAN13 0270
Aceh Province, North Sumatra, Indonesia. © Chris Stowers/Panos Pictures

Ruten, Flores, Indonesia. © Chris Stowers/Panos Pictures

INDO_AMBON_01APR2013 0115
Ambon, Indonesia. © Chris Stowers/Panos Pictures

INDO_AMBON_05APR2013 0276
Ambon, Indonesia. © Chris Stowers/Panos Pictures

INDO_MASOHI_03APR2013 0197
Masohi, Maluku, Indonesia. © Chris Stowers/Panos Pictures

JAKARTA_26JAN13 0033
Jakarta, Indonesia. © Chris Stowers/Panos Pictures

Waikabubak, Sumba, Indonesia. © Chris Stowers/Panos Pictures

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Chris Stowers

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Robin Hammond on cover of TIME Magazine and on TIME Lightbox



To view the whole series please click HERE.

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Robin Hammond

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Time Lightbox

Ian Teh and Carolyn Drake projected at
M Shed in Bristol, UK

Panos photographers Ian Teh and Carolyn Drake will have their work projected at Bristol’s:

M Shed
Prices Wharf
Wapping Road
Bristol BS1 4RN

on 23 May 2015 from 7pm onwards.

The screening is curated by IC-Visual Lab and is part of the Photo Shed event.

Dark Clouds-Life in China's industrial coal cities

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Ian Teh
Carolyn Drake

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M Shed

Trading to Extinction book launch and exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand

Patrick Brown’s award-winning work on the illegal trade in endangered species is now available as a book by Dewi Lewis Publishing and is available to buy from the publisher’s website (click HERE) or from Amazon (click HERE).

Patrick will officially launch the book at:

Soy Sauce Factory
Soi 24 Charoenkrung road,
Bangkok 10500

on 29 May 2015 at 7.00pm.
Some of the images will also be exhibited here.

To view the full set of images on the Panos website, please click HERE.


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Patrick Brown

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Soy Factory

Karla Gachet and Ivan Kashinsky win POY LatAm awards

Karla Gachet and Ivan Kashinsky have won three Pictures of the Year Latin America (POY LatAm) for recent work across the subcontinent.

Karla Gachet won the First Prize in the El mundo de la comida (‘The world of food’) category.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 12.23.23

Ivan Kashinsky won a Second Prize in the Fiestas, Tradiciones y Religion
(‘Festivals, traditions and religion) category.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 12.23.18

and a Third Prize in the Cuéntanos una historia con tu teléfono móvil (‘stories photographed on mobile phones’)

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 12.23.06

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Karla Gachet
Ivan Kashinsky

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George Georgiou speaking at DOK Festivalen in Fredrikstad, Norway

George Georgiou and Vanessa Winship will be speaking at this year’s DOK 15 Festivalen in Fredrikstad, Norway, from 4 to 7 June 2015.

For more information please click HERE or on the image below.


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George Georgiou

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DOK 15

George Georgiou workshop Urban Geographies in Milan, Italy

Panos photographer George Georgiou will be giving a three day workshop called Urban Geographies from 30 May until 2 June 2015 at:

Via Avancinio Avancini, 8
20142 Milano

To register for the workhop, email The workshop costs € 350 pp.


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George Georgiou

Kieran Dodds’ project proposal accepted by Photoreporter Festival in St Brieuc, France

Kieran Dodds’ latest project – Europe’s Seabird Cities at Risk – has won funding from the 4th Edition of the Photoreporter Festival in St Brieuc, France, which will take place from 3 October until 1 November 2015. Kieran will be shooting this story in the summer in the Shetland Islands.

For more information, click HERE or on the image below.


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Kieran Dodds

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Photoreporter Festival

Panos Pictures at World Press Photo Award Days 2015

We were excited and proud to attend the World Press Photo Award Days in Amsterdam this past weekend – 24 to 26 April – and meet our winning photographers there.

Mads Nissen was awarded the main prize – the World Press Photo of the Year – for an image of Jon and Alex, two young gay men in St Petersburg, Russia, sharing an intimate moment. The same image was also awarded a First Prize Single in the Contemporary Issues category.

Jon and Alex in an intimate moment.

Kacper Kowalski won a Second Prize in a new category this year at World Press Photo – Long Term Projects – with his ongoing work on aerial images of his native Poland showing the effects of human activity on nature.


Shiho Fukada won the Third Prize in the Long Feature category with her film about Japan’s ‘Disposable Workers’.

while Carlos Spottorno won a Third Prize in the Short Feature category for his film called ‘At the Gates of Europe’ about illegal immigrants coming to Europe.

Click on the Play Buttons to view the videos.

Mads gave a wonderful speech on the evening of the Awards Ceremony which you can read HERE or by clicking the image below.


And a few impressions from the rest of the Awards Ceremony.


Congratulations once again to all our photographers who won prizes at this year’s contest!!

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Mads Nissen
Kacper Kowalski
Shiho Fukada
Carlos Spottorno

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World Press Photo

Two Panos photographers on World Press Photo’s Joop Swart Masterclass

Two Panos photographers – Noriko Hayashi and Guy Martin – have been selected to take part in World Press Photo’s prestigious Joop Swart Masterclass in 2015.

The Masterclass will take part in November in Amsterdam.

© Noriko Hayashi / Panos Pictures

City of Dreams
© Guy Martin / Panos Pictures

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Matias Costa
Matias Costa

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#Future of Cities exhibition at Somerset House, London

12 Panos photographers, in collaboration with Sony’s Global Imaging Ambassadors (SGIA) programme, have photographed in cities across the world over the past nine months to produce a highly topical exhibition on the subject of the Future of Cities.

Building on the notion that three quarters of the world’s population could be living in cities by the middle of the 21st century, each photographers has tried to address different issues, developments and challenges now affecting cities globally and to document innovative solutions being devised to accommodate the ever growing urban populations.

The result of this work will now be exhibited at:

Somerset House
East Wing
London WC2R 1LA

from 24 April until 10 May 2015.

Tickets are available from These tickets are also valid for the 2015 World Photography Exhibition which is showing in the West Wing of Somerset House.

Click HERE to download the press release.

The locations covered in the project are: Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Kinshasa, Beijing, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Singapore, Bristol, Medellin, Kathmandu, London, Mumbai and Johannesburg. Here, below, samples of some of the work.


Beijing, China © Adam Dean

Mumbai, India © Sanjit Das

A Giant Robot Combats Traffic and Corruption in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo © Brian Sokol

Tokyo, Japan © Noriko Hayashi


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia © Sanjit Das

Los Angeles, USA © Carolyn Drake

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil © Lianne Milton

Bangkok, Thailand © Zackary Canepari

Here some images of the exhibition in situ.


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#Future of Cities I
#Future of Cities II
#Future of Cities III
#Future of Cities IV
#Future of Cities V

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Panos photographers win multiple NPPA awards

Four Panos photographers – Mads Nissen, Kieran Dodds, Adam Dean and Kemal Jufri – have won a total of nine awards at this year’s National Press Photographers Association Best of Photojournalism 2015 contest.

Mads Nissen was given a total of five awards for his work Ebola in Sierra Leone and the lives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-sexual people living in Russia.

The First Prize in the International News Story section.


The Second Prize in the International News section.


Another Second Prize in the Portrait & Personality section.


A Third Prize in the Photojournalist of the Year (large markets) section.


And an Honorable Mention in the Contemporary Issues Story section.


Kieran Dodds won a Second Prize in the Pictorial section.


and an Honorable Mention in the Portrait Series section.


Adam Dean won an Honorable Mention in the Environment Picture Story section.


And Kemal Jufri won an Honorable Mention in the Pictorial section.


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Mads Nissen
Kieran Dodds
Adam Dean
Kemal Jufri

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Chris Stowers Indonesia book blog

Karla Gachet & Ivan Kashinsky win win POY LatAm awards

Robin Hammond launches ‘Where Love is Illegal’

Five Panos photographers at DCOfield in Barcelona, Spain

Stephan Vanfleteren at Le Musee de la Photographie, Charleroi, Belgium

George Georgiou at Photo Med in Sanary-sur-Mer, France

Jeroen Oerlemans in Knack Magazine

Georgios Makkas in Newsweek Japan

Carolyn Drake on Al Jazeera website

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