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The Kindness of Strangers
by Chris de Bode


In the Ruins of Sinjar
by Teun Voeten


Mapping Migration
by Alfredo D’Amato

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Hossein Fatemi launches Kickstarter campaign for his book An Iranian Journey

Hossein Fatemi has launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowd-fund a book of his long-term project on his native Iran – An Iranian Journey – which exposes the duality of life in modern Iran where the youth navigates a thicket of Islamic laws and customs to live freely.


To buy a book or support the project, please click here


to view more images, please click here.

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Hossein Fatemi

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Kickstarter campaign

Piotr Małecki wins Best Documentary prize at the Grand Off festival in Poland

Piotr Małecki‘s film Out of the Blue about a clinic caring for people in comas has won the prize for Best Documentary at this year’s Grand Off film festival in Poland.

To view a short trailer, please click on the play button below.

For more information about the festival (in Polish), please click here.

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Grand Off

Three Panos photographers in TIME Magazine’s Best Photos of 2016

Three Panos photographers – Andrew Testa, Andrew McConnell and William Daniels – have been included in TIME Magazine’s Best Photos of 2016.

Andrew Testa – Katwijk, Netherlands


Andrew McConnell – Roche-a-Bataeu, Haiti


William Daniels – Maboussou village, Central African Republic


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Andrew Testa
Andrew McConnell
William Daniels

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TIME Magazine - Best Photos of 2016

Adam Dean and Andrew McConnell featured on National Geographic’s Best Photographs of 2016

Adam Dean
A worker uses a mallet to dislodge frozen tuna aboard a Chinese cargo vessel docked at the city of General Santos, in the Philippines.


Andrew McConnell
Kids swim in a river where a bridge collapsed in Port Salut, Haiti. The city suffered serious damage from Hurricane Matthew, with many homes completely destroyed. Haiti.


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National Geographic Best Photographs of 2016

Ben Roberts wins Creative Review Photography Annual “Best in Book” Award

Ben Roberts has won a Best in Book award at this year’s Creative Review Photography Annual with his work on the refugee crisis on the Greek island of Lesbos.


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Ben Roberts

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Creative Review Photography Annual

Patrick Brown running photo workshop and speaking at Counter Foto in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Patrick Brown will be speaking about his award winning work on the trade in endangered species – Trading to Extinction – at:

Bishwo Shahitto Kendro
Bishyo Shahityo Kendro Ln
Dhaka, Bangladesh

on 23 November 2016 from 6.30pm.


He will also lead a one-day photo workshop at:

Department of Photography
Counter Foto
14 East Shewrapara (next to Hatil)
Mirpur, Dhaka 1216

on 22 November 2016.

[last registration 17 November 2016]


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Patrick Brown

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Teun Voeten’s documentary Calais, Welcome to the Jungle screened at Cambridge University Social Anthropology Society

A new film by Panos photographer Teun Voeten and Maaike Engels – Calais, Welcome to the Jungle – is being screened at:

Cambridge University Social Anthropology Society
Room 9
8 Mill Lane
Cambridge CB21

on Wednesday, 16 November from 6pm.

The film makers will be present at the screening for questions and post-screening discussion.

TVO 450

To find out more about the film, please click HERE.

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Teun Voeten

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Calais Jungle Documentary

Seamus Murphy’s music video for PJ Harvey’s The Community of Hope wins Q Best Video award

Seamus Murphy‘s music video for PJ Harvey’s The Community of Hope track which features on her latest album The Hope Six Demolition Project has won the prestigious Q Best Video Award.

To view the video, press the play button below.

and to see an interview with Seamus on the Awards Night, click below.

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Q Awards

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George Osodi’s Kings of Nigeria featured on Al Jazeera’s Rewind

George Osodi‘s award winning work on the Kings of Nigeria, which resulted in a unique set of portraits of the country’s traditional rulers, has been featured on Al Jazeera’s new Rewind series which celebrates the tenth anniversary of the channel.

To view the short film, please click on the image below.


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George Osodi

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Al Jazeera

Countdown to the US Presidential Election in Arizona © Piotr Malecki

As campaigning for the presidential election of 2016 in the US nears its end, Arizona has become an unlikely new battleground in what has been the most divisive race for the White House in decades.

An old Chevrolet car standing on a street in Phoenix, Arizona. © Piotr Malecki / Panos Pictures

Replete with accusations of moral improbity and counter claims of corruption between the Clinton and Trump campaigns, the 2016 race has seen Donald Trump, the unlikely Republican nominee, threaten Hillary Clinton, the more established Democrat candidate, with prosecution on corruption charges.

Sharon Shuster, a volunteer for the Donald Trump campaign, collecting flyers at the Republican Party’s headquarters, Phoenix, Arizona. © Piotr Malecki / Panos Pictures

Drawing on secret recordings of Trump bragging about his ability to force himself upon women against their will, Democrats haven’t missed an opportunity of pointing to Trump’s unsuitability to lead the world’s most powerful country.

A copy of Time Magazine with a portrait of Donald Trump on its cover, plastic figures of George Bush and Hillary Clinton and a soft toy elephant (symbol of the Republican party) at the Republican Party campaign headquarters, Phoenix, Arizona. © Piotr Malecki / Panos Pictures

While the main swing states have traditionally been California (55 votes in the Electoral College), Texas (38 votes) and Florida (29 votes), Arizona with its 11 votes and a large Hispanic community turned off by Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric could become a valuable prize for the Clinton campaign.

Republican Party members Shuron Harvey and Sergio Arellano campaigning for Donald Trump in Nogales, a town on the border with Mexico with a majority Hispanic population. Phoenix, Arizona. © Piotr Malecki / Panos Pictures

Though it has voted Republican all but once since 1952, the electoral map of Arizona is changing and recent polls suggest the the Democrats have a good chance here. Sensing a potential game changer, the Clinton campaign has concentrated its human and other resources on getting out the vote.

Supporters of Hillary Clinton cheering and taking pictures with their phones as Michelle Obama enters the stage to give an address during a campaign rally. Phoenix, Arizona. © Piotr Malecki / Panos Pictures

Bernie Sanders, Michelle Obama and Chelsea Clinton have all visited Arizona in the final weeks of campaigning. On 2nd November the presidential candidate herself made her way to campaign rallies in Phoenix and Las Vegas to appeal directly to Hispanic voters who have seen Donal Trump refer to Mexicans as “criminals” and “rapists” and promise to build a wall to keep out further immigrants, making Mexico pay for its construction.

Female supporters of Hillary Clinton cheering and waving placards during a rally in Phoenix attended by Michelle Obama. Phoenix, Arizona. © Piotr Malecki / Panos Pictures

Arizona provides a litmus test for future elections with the Hispanic population of the certain US states like Texas, New Mexico and California becoming an important constituency that any future presidential candidate disappoints or ignores at his or her peril.

A man holds up a placard while campaigning for Donald Trump at the state fair, Tucson, Arizona. © Piotr Malecki / Panos Pictures

At 17.6% of the total population, Hispanics already make up the largest ethnic minority and the proportion is set to rise dramatically over the coming decades.

An insurance firm’s stand at a local fair. Phoenix, Arizona. © Piotr Malecki / Panos Pictures

Piotr Malecki has been travelling across Arizona in the weeks leading up to the crucial poll on 8 November, meeting both Republican and Democrat voters and gauging the mood in what many now call America’s newest swing state.

People dressed up during a ‘Haunted Car Wash’ charity fundraising event. Phoenix, Arizona. © Piotr Malecki / Panos Pictures

To see more images, please click HERE.

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Stand-off at Standing Rock Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota © Hossein Fatemi

Since April 2016, thousands of native Americans and their supporters have been converging on a site in the Standing Rock Indian Reservation to protest against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline which is supposed to bring fracked crude oil from North Dakota to refineries in Illinois.


The protesters, led by members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, established the Sacred Stone Camp to show their opposition to the pipeline which, they say, runs across sacred land and burial grounds and could lead to pollution of their water sources.


With larger numbers gathering on weekends, the Camp has become the biggest gathering of North American indigenous peoples for over 100 years. Police and private security guards deployed to contain the protests have ended in arrests, injuries and accusations of police violence.


In addition to the environmental issues raised by campaigners against the pipeline the protests also focus attention on the treatment of native Americans in general and questions about land and resource distribution.


Some of the Standing Rock campaigners have pointed to the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by the so-called “Bundy Gang”, a group of cattle ranchers who engaged in a 41 day armed standoff with law enforcement over disputed grazing rights on federal land.


All members of the group were acquitted and walked free while over 150 unarmed protesters at Standing Rock have been arrested during largely peaceful protests.


Neither Donald Trump nor Hilary Clinton, the two presidential hopefuls in the 8 November election, have taken a public stand on the issue and with fracking continuing to spread and grow, making America self-sufficient in crude oil, the issue of land use by oil companies and the transportation of crude will remain a contentious point.


Hossein Fatemi went to the Standing Rock Sacred Stone Camp and met some of the thousands of protesters who have vowed to stand their ground to the bitter end.

All images © Hossein Fatemi / Panos Pictures
To view more images please click HERE.

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Kacper Kowalski featured on New York Times Lensblog

Kacper Kowalski‘s award winning images of his native Poland photographed from the air has been featured on the to coincide with the opening of an exhibition at the Curator Gallery in New York which opens on 3rd November 2016.

To view the full slideshow, click on the image below.


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Kacper Kowalski

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New York Times Lensblog


Kacper Kowalski at The Curator Gallery, NY

Abbie Trayler-Smith in London, Belfast, Enniskillen and Derry

Tommy Trenchard in Conakry, Guinea

Guy Martin in Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Adam Patterson in FIFA Magazine

Alfredo D’Amato in CNN the Economist’s 1843 Magazine

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