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Too Young to Marry
by Chris de Bode


The Battle for Mosul
by Andrew McConnell


Piecing Together the Past
by Andrew Testa

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Panos photographer win multiple prizes at this year’s Pictures of the Year international (POYi)

Once again, Panos photographers have been given multiple prizes in various categories in this year’s annual Pictures of the Year international (POYi). In total, five photographers took 11 awards.

Zackary Canepari won the Best Photography Book award for REX, his long term project charting the boxing career of Claressa Shields, the first US female boxer to win a gold medal at the London Olympics and the only US boxer to win an Olympic title twice in a row with her second win at the Rio Olympics.

ZCA-best photo book

Zackary also won the Multimedia Photographer of the Year for various multimedia project, including ‘Everything Water Touches’ about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan; ‘Claressa’ about double gold-medalist boxer Claressa Shields from Flint; ‘Briana’, about Claressa Shields’ older sister and ‘Policing Flint’.

Zackary Canepari - multimedia feature story Briana

In the Multimedia Feature story category, Zackary took the First and Third Prize and was also given an Award of Excellence for his films ‘Everything Water Touches’, ‘Claressa’ and ‘Briana’ respectively.

ZCA-Multimedia of the year

In the Feature Picture Story section Zackary was given an Award of Excellence for his photo story about Flint, Michigan – ‘Flint is a Place’.

ZCA-feature story

And Zackary, together with his long-time collaborator Drea Cooper, were also given and Award of Excellence in the Documentary Journalism category with their ‘Policing Flint’ film.

ZCA - policing flint

Adam Dean won a Second Place in the Feature category for his work on the fishing industry in the Philippines.


and an Award of Excellence in the Photographer of the Year category for the same work.


Ivor Prickett was awarded a Second Place in the Impact 2016 – Islamic State Conflict category for his work around Mosul in Iraq.


and an Award of Excellence in the News Pictures Story for his work on people fleeing the conflict in and around Mosul in Iraq.


William Daniels was one of two finalists in the World Understanding Award for his work on the Central African Republic.


and Mark Henley was awarded an Award of Excellence in the Portrait Series section for his work on defaced portraits of refugees which were displayed publicly in Geneva.


To view the full set of winners, please click here.

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Pictures of the Year International

Two Panos photographers awarded in the 2017 World Press Photo contest

Zackary Canepari won first prize in the Multimedia / Short form category for his documentary on boxer and Olympic gold medal Claressa Shield.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 12.57.49

Hossein Fatemi won second prize in the long-term project category for his project An Iranian Journey

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 13.20.20

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Rhodri Jones interviewed by ffoton at the EYE International Photography Festival in Aberystwyth, Wales

Rhodri Jones was interviewed by Emyr Young from ffoton, a photographer-led community that uncovers and celebrates talent, at the EYE International Photography Festival about his work.

Click on the play button to see the interview.

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Photo Mentorship with Panos photographer Lianne Milton


Panos photographer Lianne Milton, and member of The Everyday Projects and Panos Pictures is offering a 3-month mentorship for emerging Brazilian women photographers in Rio de Janeiro who want to improve on building their documentary reportage by examining elements of storytelling, discuss issues related to photojournalism, and the editing process.

I will select three photographers based on their portfolio or an on-going project, and we will meet once a week for a three-month period. Collectively we will examine your projects – what works, what doesn’t work and why. I will also share my career path, examples of personal projects and assignments but mostly we will look at your work every week. Students must already be engaged in a project, if not, then I will help you select a story to work on for the duration of the mentorship (or I may assign everyone a new story just for the mentorship). Because I am not fluent in Portuguese, the mentorship will be conducted mostly in English but I will do my best to speak Portuguese. I also welcome a translator to join us!

I am volunteering my time, therefore the students I select will also have a dedication to the craft and to the mentorship. I am also a working photographer, and some days I may have to postpone or reschedule due to an assignment. This mentorship is ideal for students currently studying photojournalism, recent graduates, or early-career photojournalists working as a freelancer or newspaper photographer. The goal of the mentorship is to provide support and guidance for Brazilian women photographers.

About Me: I began my freelance career in 2009, after working for three years as a newspaper photographer in California. I have been working for international publications, both print and online, and NGOs. My personal work is focused on the effects of policy on people and their environments. I’ve been based in Brazil since January 2013.

Location: TBD – will be located in Ipanema/Copa neighborhood

Application: Please email Lianne – – with a brief introduction, goals for the mentorship and a link/pdf to your portfolio or project.

Deadline: Friday, February 10
Starts: February 14 or 16 (with regards to Carnival, we can decide if you still want to meet or skip that week).
Time: 6-8pm
Ends: May 9


Voce é uma Fotojornalista Emergente Brasileira no Rio de Janeiro e gostaria de participar de um mentorship?
A fotografa da agencia @panospictures Lianne Milton, e membro do @everydaylatinamerica esta oferecendo uma orientação de 3 meses para fotojornalistas brasileiras que desejam melhorar a construção da sua foto-reportagem documental, explorando elementos de como contar histórias visuais, discutir questões relacionadas ao fotojornalismo e o processo de edição.

Selecionarei três fotógrafas com base em seu portfolio ou em um projeto em andamento, e nos reuniremos uma vez por semana por um período de três meses. Coletivamente, examinaremos seus projetos – o que funciona, o que não funciona e por quê. Eu também vou compartilhar a minha jornada de carreira, exemplos de projetos pessoais e trabalhos, mas principalmente vamos olhar para o seu trabalho a cada semana.

Os alunos já devem estar envolvidos em algum projeto, se não, vou ajudá-los a selecionar uma história para trabalhar durante a orientação (ou eu posso atribuir a todos uma história apenas para a orientação). Por não ser fluente em português, a orientação será conduzida principalmente em Inglês, mas vou fazer o meu melhor para falar Português.

Essa orientação é voluntária, portanto, os alunos que eu selecionar também terão que se dedicar ao ofício e à orientação. Esta orientação é ideal para estudantes atualmente estudando fotojornalismo, recém-graduados ou fotojornalistas de início de carreira que trabalham como freelancer ou em jornais. O objetivo da orientação é fornecer apoio e orientação para mulheres fotógrafas brasileiras.

Localização: A ser definido ~ Ipanema / Copacabana
Aplicação: Envie um email para – – com uma breve introdução, objetivos para a orientação e um link para seu portfólio ou projeto

Prazo Final: 8 de Fevereiro **Sexta, 10 de Fev!!
Começa: 14 ou 16 fevereiro
Termina: 9 de maio

#fotoworkshop #fotojornalistas #rj@everdaylatinamerica #everydaybrasil@womenphotograph

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Lianne Milton

Björn Steinz finds Elvis in Bosnia after 25 years

While working as a volunteer in a refugee camp in Varaždīn in Croatia in 1992 during the Balkan wars Panos photographer Björn Steinz met 6 year old Bosnian boy Elvis.

Though the two couldn’t communicate, they quickly became friends. Björn taught him how to ride a bicycle and photographed him standing on a field gun.

Over the ensuing 25 years Björn periodically remembered Elvis and thought of getting back in touch with him. Finally, in 2017, with the help of Radio Free Europe and an appeal for Elvis to get in touch broadcast on Bosnian television and on the RFERL Balkan Service web page, the two made contact and met in at Elvis’ house, 25 kilometres outside Sarajevo where he now lives with his family.

To view a short clip of their first meeting on the RFERL website, click on the play button below.

Björn is going to return to Bosnia to document Elvis’ life now in the context of the current situation in Bosnia and the experiences of a refugee who returned after the war.


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Hossein Fatemi launches Kickstarter campaign for his book An Iranian Journey

Hossein Fatemi has launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowd-fund a book of his long-term project on his native Iran – An Iranian Journey – which exposes the duality of life in modern Iran where the youth navigates a thicket of Islamic laws and customs to live freely.


To buy a book or support the project, please click here


to view more images, please click here.

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Hossein Fatemi

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Kickstarter campaign

Piotr Małecki wins Best Documentary prize at the Grand Off festival in Poland

Piotr Małecki‘s film Out of the Blue about a clinic caring for people in comas has won the prize for Best Documentary at this year’s Grand Off film festival in Poland.

To view a short trailer, please click on the play button below.

For more information about the festival (in Polish), please click here.

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Grand Off

Three Panos photographers in TIME Magazine’s Best Photos of 2016

Three Panos photographers – Andrew Testa, Andrew McConnell and William Daniels – have been included in TIME Magazine’s Best Photos of 2016.

Andrew Testa – Katwijk, Netherlands


Andrew McConnell – Roche-a-Bataeu, Haiti


William Daniels – Maboussou village, Central African Republic


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Andrew Testa
Andrew McConnell
William Daniels

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TIME Magazine - Best Photos of 2016

Adam Dean and Andrew McConnell featured on National Geographic’s Best Photographs of 2016

Adam Dean
A worker uses a mallet to dislodge frozen tuna aboard a Chinese cargo vessel docked at the city of General Santos, in the Philippines.


Andrew McConnell
Kids swim in a river where a bridge collapsed in Port Salut, Haiti. The city suffered serious damage from Hurricane Matthew, with many homes completely destroyed. Haiti.


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National Geographic Best Photographs of 2016

Ben Roberts wins Creative Review Photography Annual “Best in Book” Award

Ben Roberts has won a Best in Book award at this year’s Creative Review Photography Annual with his work on the refugee crisis on the Greek island of Lesbos.


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Ben Roberts

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Creative Review Photography Annual

Patrick Brown running photo workshop and speaking at Counter Foto in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Patrick Brown will be speaking about his award winning work on the trade in endangered species – Trading to Extinction – at:

Bishwo Shahitto Kendro
Bishyo Shahityo Kendro Ln
Dhaka, Bangladesh

on 23 November 2016 from 6.30pm.


He will also lead a one-day photo workshop at:

Department of Photography
Counter Foto
14 East Shewrapara (next to Hatil)
Mirpur, Dhaka 1216

on 22 November 2016.

[last registration 17 November 2016]


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Patrick Brown

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Teun Voeten’s documentary Calais, Welcome to the Jungle screened at Cambridge University Social Anthropology Society

A new film by Panos photographer Teun Voeten and Maaike Engels – Calais, Welcome to the Jungle – is being screened at:

Cambridge University Social Anthropology Society
Room 9
8 Mill Lane
Cambridge CB21

on Wednesday, 16 November from 6pm.

The film makers will be present at the screening for questions and post-screening discussion.

TVO 450

To find out more about the film, please click HERE.

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Teun Voeten

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Calais Jungle Documentary


Hossein Fatemi launches Kickstarter Campaign for Iran book

Piotr Malecki wins Best Documentary at Grand Off festival, Poland

Three Panos photographers in TIME Best Photos of 2016

Seamus Murphy at The Little Museum, Dublin, Ireland

Martin Roemers at Anastasia Photo in NY, USA

Aubrey Wade at the Hauptbahnhof, Berlin, Germany

Piotr Małecki in Politiken

Vlad Sokhin in Huck Magazine

Andrew Testa in on the Guardian website

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