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Law & Order
by Jan Banning


East of the Sun
by Seamus Murphy


Panda Pampering
by Adam Dean

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Kacper Kowalski wins 1st Prize at Grand Press Photo

Kacper Kowalski has won the first prize in the Environment category of this year’s Grand Press Photo contest in Poland with his work entitled Faces of Earth, a portrait of energy, change and power.


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Kacper Kowalski

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Grand Press Photo

Chris de Bode wins Lens Culture portrait award

Chris de Bode has won the 2nd place prize in the Portrait Single Award category at the lens culture Portrait Awards 16 with his image of Anoel, a young South Sudanese girl living in an IDP camp nr Bor in South Sudan.


Click here to see more images from the series.

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Chris de Bode

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lens culture Portrait Awards 2016

Espen Rasmussen wins first prize at SONY World Photography Awards

Espen Rasmussen has won the first prize in the Daily Life category of this year’s SONY World Photography Awards with his story The Curse of Coal which looks at the legacy of the coal industry in West Virginia.




To view the full story, please click here.

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Curse of Coal

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SONY World Photography Awards

Vlad Sokhin and JB Russell promoted on The Guardian

The Guardian website has named Panos photographers Vlad Sokhin and JB Russell as two of “The environment photographers you should be following on Instagram”.

Find them on Instagram under their handles @lens_pacific (Vlad Sokhin) and @jbrussell (JB Russell)


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Vlad Sokhin
JB Russell

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The Guardian

Tanya Habjouqa speaking at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

Panos photographer Tanya Habjouqa will be speaking about her work on the Palestinian Occupied Territories, which has been published in book form under the title Occupied Pleasures together with Dr Thembi Mutch at:

School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
Khalili Lecture Theatre
Thornhaugh Street
Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG

on 26 May 2016 from 4.00 to 6.00pm.



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Tanya Habjouqa

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Seamus Murphy’s The Republic reviewed in The Observer

smu observer

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Seamus Murphy

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The Observer

Seamus Murphy’s The Republic reviewed in The New Statesman

71 books mark cocker

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Seamus Muprhy

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New Statesman

Vlad Sokhin wins prize at Portuguese annual Estaçao Imagem

Vlad Sokhin has won the first prize in the Environment category of the annual Estaçao Imagem Portuguese photojournalism award with his Warm Waters project, looking at the effects of climate change on island nations in the Pacific.



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Vlad Sokhin

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Estaçao Imagem

View multimedia of Fernando Moleres’ Chernobyl’s Long Shadow

Fernando Moleres‘ latest reportage – Chernobyl’s Long Shadow – looking at Chernobyl and the legacy of the nuclear accident which happened 30 years ago this month, is accompanied by a multimedia film by Peppino Molina. It can be viewed by clicking on the image below.


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Peppino Molina video on El Pais site

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Fernando Moleres

Georgios Makkas interviewed in
Rai News in Italy

Georgios Makkas, who spoke at this year’s voci dell’inchiesta film festival in Pordenone, Italy about his work on Aysha, a Syrian refugee with whom he travelled from Greece all the day to Germany through the Balkans, was interviewed by Rai News in Italy.

To view the video, please click on the image below.

GMK Rai news

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Georgios Makkas

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Rai News

Hossein Fatemi speaking at the Pictures of the Year international (POYi) awards ceremony in Denver, Colorado

Panos photographer Hossein Fatemi will be speaking about his entry that won the World Understanding Award at the annual awards ceremony of the Pictures of the Year international (POYi) photography awards at:

The Denver Post
101 W. Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80202

on Saturday, 16 April 2016 from 4.00 to 5.00pm.


Nine other Panos photographers – Robin Hammond, Espen Rasmussen, Zackary Canepari, Seamus Murphy, Stuart Freedman, Kacper Kowalski, Kemal Jufri, Christian Als and Ivan Kashinsky – were also given POYi awards at this year’s contest. Click here to see the full list.

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Hossein Fatemi

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Stefan Boness talking and showing work at International Relations in the Horn of Africa – yesterday and today in Kraków, Poland

Stefan Boness will be talking about his work on Eritrea and showing images from his long term project Eritrea – African Enigma as part of a conference organised by the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland entitled International Relations in the Horn of Africa – yesterday and today.

The talk and slide show will take place at:

Michał Bobrzyński Hall
Collegium Maius of the Jagiellonian University
15 Jagiellońska Street

on 14 April 2016 from 11.45 – 12.05.

To view the full set of images please click here.


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Stefan Boness



Vlad Sokhin in Solomon Islands

Petterik Wiggers in Ethiopia

JB Russel in Senegal

Joan Bardeletti in Cote d’Ivoire

Click for all photographers’ locations

Vlad Sokhin wins Best Web Documentary prize at Prix Photo AFD

Two Panos photographers giving lectures at LUMIX Photo Festival in Hannover, Germany

Hossein Fatemi oversees A Journey Inside, 8 Iranian photographers shooting in Iran

Martin Roemers at Huis Marseille in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Matías Costa at La Regenta Art Center in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Jenny Matthews at Oxo Tower Gallery in London, UK

Kieran Dodds in Sunday Times Magazine

Stefan Boness in TIME Magazine

Various Panos photographers in CNN Year in Pictures

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