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Future of Cities
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Dog Walkers
by Marc Shoul


The Pigs
by Carlos Spottorno

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Guy Martin given a Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund grant

Panos photographer Guy Martin is one of 11 grantees of this year’s Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund for his ongoing work on Turkey.

Since 2009, the Foundation has handed out grants to 60 photographer from 42 countries to the tune of $ 500,000. The Fund “enables independent documentary photographers to investigate and document under-reported social justice stories by providing seed support, mentoring and technical assistance.”.


To view more of Guy’s images you can click on the image below, featured on TIME Magazine’s Lightbox site.


or click HERE for a full set on the Panos Website.

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Guy Martin

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Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund

Hunger strike at Asylum Seeker detention centre on Manus Island, PNG, broken up.

After 7 days, a hunger strike by by asylum seekers in a detention centre on the Papua New Guinea island of Manus has been brought to an end by security guards who are reported to have taken 30 men, the ‘ringleaders’, away and put some in solitary confinement.

Construction workers walk around the secure perimeter fence of the Refugee Processing Centre at Lombrum, Manus Island, Papua New Guinea. 2014. © Vlad Sokhin / Panos Pictures

Since 2001, Australian governments from both sides of the political spectrum have presided over a controversial asylum and immigration policy that has led to thousands of would-be immigrants who arrive on boats en route to Australia being taken to remote detention centres on the Pacific islands of Nauru and Manus in Papua New Guinea. Triggered by large numbers of asylum seekers arriving on boats during the premiership of John Howard, Australia’s long serving Liberal prime minister, this so called ‘Pacific Solution’ has been criticised for its harshness and numerous protest in detention centres on Nauru and Manus, some ending to violent altercations with security guards, have led to human rights groups to question the legality of refugees’ treatment and detention.


Papua New Guinean policemen from the mobile squad stand near their patrol car with a Spider-Man holding a PNG flag on the bonnet. Manus Island, Papua New Guinea. 2014. © Vlad Sokhin / Panos Pictures

In July 2013, the newly elected Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd declared that ‘asylum seekers who come here by boat without a visa will never be settled in Australia’. In September that year the government launched its ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’, an army-run border protection drive which combined with an information campaign dubbed the ‘No Way’ campaign, telling asylum seekers that ‘if you come to Australia illegally by boat there is now way you will ever make Australia home.’

Local women sell fruits and roasted ‘cascas’ (possums) at the market in Lorengau town, Manus island, Papua New Guinea. 2014. © Vlad Sokhin / Panos Pictures

For those already caught up in the system, however, prospects look grim. Short of accepting repatriation to their countries of origin asylum seekers are left with the option of being granted local citizenship in Papua New Guinea if their application for asylum is successful. For many of the detainees, being allowed to settle in what are remote and closely knit communities that have their own social and economic struggles can feel unappealing to downright frightening.

Children walk past a petrol station in Lorengau, Manus Island, Papua New Guinea. 2014. © Vlad Sokhin / Panos Pictures

In July 2013 a major riot swept across Nauru’s detention centre, causing injuries and up to A$ 60 million of damage reported. Complaining of overcrowding, water shortages and even abuse, asylum seekers sowed their lips shut in late 2014 and a group of about 200 men went on hunger strike on Manus Island in January 2015 to protest against their treatment by the Australian authorities and security guards on the island. Rather than face open ended detention on the Pacific island, some asylum seekers are now asking to be handed over to the UN.

George Lokowah, chief and local councillor at Mokoreng Village and a fierce opponent of the nearby Lombrum Refugee Processing Centre. Manus Island, Papua New Guinea. 2014. © Vlad Sokhin / Panos Pictures

Some communities in Nauru have seen strife between local residents, the vast majority of whom are unemployed, and asylum seekers emerging from the detention centres, desperate to find work. There is also a growing sense of anger among locals on both islands who feel that they have not been consulted about the new arrivals and worry that the foreigners will not be able to integrate into the local communities.

Vlad Sokhin has been covering the flashpoints of Australia’s ‘Pacific Solution’ over the past year and is currently based between Portugal and Papua New Guinea, following events as they unfold.

To view more images on NAURU, please click HERE. To view more images on MANUS ISLAND, please click HERE.

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Vlad Sokhin

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William Daniels receives 2014 Tim Hetherington Grant

We are delighted to hear that Panos photographer William Daniels, currently working in the Central African Republic, has received the prestigious Tim Hetherington Grant. The grant is offered by World Press Photo and Human Rights Watch in memory of Tim Hetherington, another former Panos photographer who was tragically killed in Libya in April 2011.

William’s World Press Award winning work on the ongoing civil war in Central African Republic was chosen from among 198 entries. He will receive a bursary of € 20,000 which he can use to complete his work.


To view more of William’s work on Central African Republic, please click on the titles below:

Caught in a Nightmare

Spectre of Genocide

Central African Reprisals

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William Daniels

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Tim Hetherington Grant

Patrick Brown interviewed on feature shoot

Patrick Brown has been interviewed about his work on

To read the full interview, please click HERE or on the image below.


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Patrick Brown

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Feature Shoot

Vlad Sokhin launching Crying Meri book in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand

Vlad Sokhin is launching his new book Crying Meri – violence against women in Papua New Guinea, which looks at gender based violence in Papua New Guinea, in two cities in New Zealand.

The first book launch will take place at:

Amnesty International Office
111 Karangahape Road
New Zealand

on Friday 5 December 2014 from 12pm – 2pm.


The second book launch will take place at:

D4 Cafe

143 Featherston St
Wellington 6142
New Zealand

on Saturday 6 December 2014 from 9:15 to 10:45am.


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Vlad Sokhin

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Crying Meri

Julio Etchart working with Photovoice in Singapore

Julio Etchart has been collaborating with the charity Photovoice doing workshops with Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) in Singapore. A short documentary on the project can be viewed here or by clicking on the play button below.

You can read an interview with Julio about the project on the news website France24.


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Julio Etchart

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Respect FDW Rights

GMB Akash wins ND Photographer of the Year 2014

Panos photographer GMB Akash has been named Photographer of the Year at this year’s Neutral Density Photography Awards.

The Award aims to “create new opportunities to present most valuable work to the audiences all over the world. To build a place where photographers can show different points of view and thrive through competition.”

Akash’s submission addresses the persistent problem of child labour in his native Bnagladesh, a subject he has covered in great detail over the years and won a World Press Photo Award for.






To see more of Akash’s work, please click HERE.

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GMB Akash

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Neutral Density Photography Award

MyToilet: global stories from women and girls. A collective exhibition by Panos Pictures


The toilet – a small but fundamental part of every-day life, wherever you live in the world. Seldom do we pause and think how much we rely on having access to a decent toilet – how it enables us to go to school, work, rest and play. In an exciting new collaboration, Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) and Panos Pictures have documented women and girls and their toilets to build a visual representation of the day to day reality and the effect this has on their lives, both positive and negative.

The exhibition is on view at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, London until 22 November.

You can visit the dedicated website to see the entire project:
Or view the images from within our website.

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Ivan Kashinsky in Omvarlden





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Ivan Kashinsky

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Kacper Kowalski wins 3rd prize at Moscow Foto Awards

Kacper Kowalski has won the Third Prize at this year’s Moscow Foto Awards in the Book: Nature category for his new photo book Side Effects.

Autumn in Pomerania, north side of Poland. Forest located in Region of Kashubia.


To buy the book, please click HERE.

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Kacper Kowalski

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Moscow Foto Awards

Panos films shown at various film festivals in Russia organised by Rulet

Seven films by Panos photographers will be shown at a number of film festivals across Russia as part of a country-wide film project organised by Rulet, an offline stream of the project Mediacrowd which is geared toward the “broadening of ‘multimedia geography’, meaning attracting wider audiences and using a bigger number of cities’ venues for demonstrating the work.” The films will be shown in Krasnodar, Minsk, Norilsk and Moscow. For further information please click HERE.

The films that will be shown are:

Exodus by Chris de Bode (produced by Panos Pictures)

Exodus from Panos Pictures on Vimeo.

Waiting for Justice by Fernando Moleres

Fernando Moleres: Waiting for Justice from Panos Pictures on Vimeo.

Living on Scrap by Chris de Bode & Steven Elbers

Chris De Bode and Steven Elbers: Living on Scrap from Panos Pictures on Vimeo.

The River by Adam Patterson

Adam Patterson: The River from Panos Pictures on Vimeo.

Disposable Workers by Shiho Fukada


MS-13 Trailer by Adam Hinton

Adam Hinton: MS-13 trailer from Panos Pictures on Vimeo.

E:XILE by James Morgan

James Morgan: E:XILE from Panos Pictures on Vimeo.

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Chris de Bode
Fernando Moleres
Adam Patterson
Shiho Fukada
Adam Hinton
James Morgan

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Robin Hammond wins Dr. Guislain “Breaking the Chains of Stigma” Award

Robin Hammond has won the $ 50,000 Dr. Guislain “Breaking the Chains of Stigma” Award with his work on people living with mental health problems in various African countries.

Robin has worked in a number of countries in crisis, encountering varying degrees of stigmatisation and discrimination against people with mental health issues. According to Siri Hustvedt, a jury member of the award, says that “through the power of photography, Hammond has raised crucial awareness of the challenges face by people with mental illness in countries where mental care is under-resourced or nonexistent.”

This 14 year old boy has been tied up for six years. His mother refuses to have him admitted to Gulu Hospital which is only two kilometers away. Gulu, Northern Uganda. April 2011. Photo Robin Hammond/Panos

To view a full set of images, please click HERE.

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Robin Hammond

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Dr. Guislain Award


Guy Martin given Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund grant

Vlad Sokhin covering Asylum seeker protests, PNG

William Daniels wins 2014 Tim Hetherington Grant

George Georgiou at Chateau d’Eau, Toulouse, France

Kacper Kowalski at The Curator Gallery, New York

Espen Rasmussen at Jean Denis Walter gallery, Paris, France

Mads Nissen in Politiken

Vlad Sokhin in Internazionale

Georgios Makkas on BJP website

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