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Future of Cities
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Dog Walkers
by Marc Shoul


The Pigs
by Carlos Spottorno

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Two Panos photographers win prizes at Norway’s Åretsbilde press photo contest

Two Panos photographers – Espen Rasmussen and Andrea Gjestvang – have won prizes at Norway’s Åretsbilde photo contest.

Espen Rasmussen was named Photojournalist of the Year for, amongst other things, his work on protesters on Maidan in Kiev in 2014.

Ukraine Kiev Portrait series of protesters on the streets of Kiev. All pictures are taken with a portable white background and flash. Bogdan (27 years old) is a engineer and have been protesting in Kiev since January 15. "I hope for a better future, more


Andrea Gjestvang won the First Prize in the Sports Reportage category for her piece on Chess Boxing.


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Espen Rasmussen
Andrea Gjestvang

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Ahikam Seri wins Helie Memorial Photography award

Ahikam Seri has won the Best Foreign Photograph prize at this year’s Helie Memorial photography awards whose theme is Women and the Sea with his image of two Palestinian women swimming in Israel.


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Ahikam Seri

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Helie Memorial

Fernando Moleres wins prize at first Istanbul Photo Awards

Panos photographer Fernando Moleres has won the Third Prize in the Single News category of the first Istanbul Photo Awards for an image of a boy being monitored by physicians in a Chinese internet addiction clinic.



The contest has also featured on TIME Magazine’s LIGHTBOX site.


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Fernando Moleres

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Istanbul Photo Awards
TIME Lightbox

Carolyn Drake’s new book Wild Pigeon reviewed on

Carolyn Drake‘s new photo book – Wild Pigeons – which is the result of a number of years’ work on the Uyghur minority in northwestern China has been reviewed by Jonathan Blaustein on the


You can BUY the book on Carolyn’s website here.

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Carolyn Drake

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Kacper Kowalski announced a finalist at Pictures of the Year International Best Photography Book Award

Kacper Kowalski’s latest book – Side Effects – which gives a unique aerial perspective of the interaction between humans and their environment has been named as a finalist in the Best Photography Book Award section at this year’s Pictures of the Year International.


Please click HERE to view the whole set of images.

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Kacper Kowalski

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World Premiere for Zackary Canepari’s film T-Rex

Zackary Canepari and Drea Cooper have been working on a full length feature film about Claressa Shields, a 19 year old American female boxer, who was the first American woman to win a boxing gold medal at the London Olympics in 2012.

Their film – T-Rex – was given its world premiere at the South by Southwest (SXSW) film festival on 14 March 2015 in Austin, Texas.

Click on the play button below to watch a trailer of the film.

or click HERE to view a set of stills from Zackary’s long term photo project on the young athlete.

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Zachary Canepari

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South by Southwest

Two Panos photographers win World Press Photo multimedia awards

In addition to Mads Nissen winning the World Press Photo of the Year award and Kacper Kowalski winning a Second Prize in the Long Term Project category, two more Panos photographers have been recognised in this year’s World Press Photo Multimedia Awards.

Shiho Fukada won the Third Prize in the Long Feature category with her film about Japan’s ‘Disposable Workers’.

while Carlos Spottorno won a Third Prize in the Short Feature category for his film called ‘At the Gates of Europe’ about illegal immigrants coming to Europe.

Click on the Play Buttons to view the videos.
Congratulations to both from all at Panos!

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Carlos Spottorno
Shiho Fukada

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World Press Photo Multimedia Award

Panos photographers win POYi awards

Two Panos photographers – William Daniels and Mads Nissen – have won prizes at this year’s Pictures of the Years international awards organised by the Missouri School of Journalism.

William Daniels won the First Prize in the Human Conflict category with his work on the Central African Republic.


Click HERE to view more images.

Mads Nissen won the Third Prize in the Feature Picture Story – Newspaper category for his series on Greenland.


To view more images, please click HERE.

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William Daniels
Mads Nissen

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Pictures of the Year international

Interview and video with George Georgiou in the British Journal of Photography

George Georgiou speaks about his new photo book Last Stop, available to buy HERE, to Tom Seymour at the British Journal of Photography.


You can also watch a ‘making of’ video, following George as he worked on his book.

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George Georgiou

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British Journal of Photography

George Georgiou giving a workshop at Spazio Labo’ in Bologna, Italy

Panos photographer George Georgiou will be giving a workshop on the topic of Working towards a photo book on 28 and 29 March 2015 at:

Spazio Labo’
Centro di fotografia
Via Frassinago 43/2c


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George Georgiou

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Spazio Labo'

Panos photographers win World Press Photo awards

Two Panos photographers – Mads Nissen and Kacper Kowalski – have won World Press Photo awards this year.

Mads Nissen was awarded the main prize – the World Press Photo of the Year – for an image of Jon and Alex, two young gay men in St Petersburg, Russia, sharing an intimate moment. The same image was also awarded a First Prize Single in the Contemporary Issues category.

Jon and Alex in an intimate moment.

Kacper Kowalski won a Second Prize in a new category this year at World Press Photo – Long Term Projects – with his ongoing work on aerial images of his native Poland showing the effects of human activity on nature.


We are proud to be working with these photographers and congratulate them on their prizes at this year’s World Press Photo Contest.

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Mads Nissen
Kacper Kowalski

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World Press Photo

Mads Nissen wins World Press Photo of the Year

Panos photographer Mads Nissen has won the prestigious World Press Photo of the Year award with an image of Jon and Alex, two young gay men in St Petersburg, Russia, sharing an intimate moment. The image is part of Mads’ ongoing project about the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) people living in Russia where recent legislation has clamped down on any overt expression of peoples’ sexual orientation and violence against LGBT people has increased dramatically.

Adrian Evans, Director of Panos Pictures, says: “With this award World Press Photo recognises the importance of long form photojournalism, shining a light on issues that don’t make the front pages. We are at a point in time where the media needs photo journalists more than ever. Massive congratulations to Mads.”

Jon and Alex in an intimate moment.

Mads Nissen.  Foto: Morten Rode

About Mads Nissen (b. 1979)

“My work focuses on contemporary issues such as over-population, poverty, human rights violations and man’s often-destructive relationship with nature. Just after I graduated with a degree in photojournalism from the Danish School of Journalism in 2007, I moved to Shanghai to document the human and social consequences of China’s historical economic rise. After two years in China, I returned to Denmark in 2009 where I worked for Berlingske/ Scanpix until recently where I signed a contract with POLITIKEN.

I’ve been a participant at the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass and my work has received awards from World Press Photo, Picture of the Year among others, as well as the Danish Picture of the Year where it has received 15 prizes incl. Photographer of the Year and Photo of the Year, both twice. I’ve published two books: My long-term personal project ‘AMAZONAS’ (2006-2013, Gyldendal) and ‘The Fallen – Danes killed in the Afghan-war’ (2009-2010, Peoples Press).”

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Mads Nissen

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World Press Photo


Guy Martin given Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund grant

Vlad Sokhin covering Asylum seeker protests, PNG

William Daniels wins 2014 Tim Hetherington Grant

George Georgiou at Chateau d’Eau, Toulouse, France

Kacper Kowalski at The Curator Gallery, New York

Espen Rasmussen at Jean Denis Walter gallery, Paris, France

Mads Nissen in Politiken

Vlad Sokhin in Internazionale

Georgios Makkas on BJP website

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