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The Crossing
by Andrew McConnell


The Green Great Wall
by Ian Teh


Red Utopia
by Jan Banning

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Kofi Annan (1938 – 2018) by Mark Henley

In 2016, Mark Henley was commissioned to photograph Kofi Annan, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations (1997 – 2006. He remembers a curious anecdote about how this candid portrait came about.

“It was a complicated shoot in that his handlers refused any idea of a formal portrait, and time was short, in a bunker room at the Red Cross Museum in Geneva where he was shortly due to give a keynote speech – on photography – at the opening of the Prix Pictet exhibition.

When he arrived we forced him into it, three shots, 30 seconds. He left after the interview, but a few seconds after the door closed behind him, it opened again and there he was, being ushered back in again. They weren’t ready for him, as other VIPs were late, and so then, in this strange suspended period of time – another 20 minutes or so – we talked of other things.

Reflecting on how we kidnapped him for the portrait, he told us that photographers were the true dictators – the only ones to ever get to order the dictators around. So I think of him in that moment, the gentleman with a twinkle in the eye, handing us that anecdote on the photographic/political process, which changed the way I approach portraiture.

I did shoot a few more pictures, but which I never used, as after all, they lacked the tension of that moment when we kidnapped the former head of the United Nations.”

Mark Henley, 2018


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Markel Redondo’s Sand Castles exhibited at GetxoPhoto, Spain

Markel Redondo‘s long term project about the legacy of Spain’s housing bubble which spectacularly burst in 2008 – Sand Castles – is being exhibited at this year’s Getxo Photo Festival near Bilbao, Spain. For more information about the festival, please click HERE.


To see the full photo story, please click HERE.

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We are Indestructible, a new book by Mads Nissen

Mads Nissen‘s 8 year project covering the civil war and the historic peace accord which ended over half a century of fighting and violence in Colombia has been published by GOST Books.

The years of conflict between the government army, guerrilla rebels and paramilitary groups has led to the internal displacement of 7 million citizens, leaving visible scars on the landscape and people of Colombia. Mad’s new book – We are Indestructible – provides a portrait of a war-torn country navigating the complexities of newfound peace.

Mads is also currently attending Rencontres d’Arles, the annual photo photo festival in the south of France, where he is signing copies of the book on 6th July 2018 at the GOST Books stand at Cosmos Arles Books.


For more info and to preorder the book please click HERE.


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GOST Books

Ramin Mazur exhibiting as part of People, Places, Processes in Kiev, Ukraine

Ramin Mazur‘s photo project about the inmates of Penitentiary Nr. 17, one of Moldova’s toughest prisons, who were taught to act and perform a production of Hamlet within the confines of their prison yard, is being exhibited in Kiev, Ukraine. The exhibition – People, Places, Processes – is sponsored by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and will be featuring the work of six other photographers – Carolina Dutca (Moldova), Narek Aleksanyan (Armenia), Dina Oganova & George Gogua (Georgia), Alexander Sayenko (Belarus) and Emine Ziyatdinova (Ukraine) – from across the former Soviet Union.

The exhibition will open on 10th July 2018 at 6.30pm at:

The National Taras Shevchenko Museum
Tarasa Shevchenko Blvd, 12
Kyiv, Ukraine, 01004


To view the full photo story, please click here.

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Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Martin Roemers speaking at the Chicago Forum on Global Cities in Chicago, USA

Martin Roemers was invited to speak about his award winning project Metropolis at the Chicago Forum on Global Cities in Chicago, Illinois.

The project took him to numerous megacities – those which have populations over 10 million people – in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe.

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Petruț Calinescu and Stephan Vanfleteren speaking at LUMIX Festival in Hanover, Germany

Two Panos photographers – Stephan Vanfleteren and Petruț Calinescu – will be giving lectures at this year’s LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hanover, Germany.

Petruț’s lecture will take place on Thursday, 21 June 2018 at 7.30pm.
Stephan will be speaking on Saturday, 23rd June at 11am. Both lectures will take place at:

The Auditorium
Design Center (Level 2)
Expo Plaza 2
30539 Hannover

Michael from Panos will also be attending from Friday 22nd until Sunday 24th, doing portfolio reviews on Friday from 1.00 to 3.00pm.

Click here for more information on the festival.


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LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism

Vlad Sokhin interviewed on

Vlad Sokhin has been interviewed about his ongoing, long-term project Warm Waters looking at the effects of climate change on communities and countries around the Pacific region on Climate Visuals, a Climate Outreach Project.

Click on the image below to read the whole interview.


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Climate Visuals

Patrick Brown interviewed about his World Press Photo winning image

Patrick Brown was one of three photographers whose work was recognised by prizes at this year’s World Press Photo Awards.

Patrick’s image of bodies of Rohingya refugees laid out on the ground after their boat sank off the coast of Bangladesh won the 1st prize in the General News – Singles category.

Patrick was interviewed by World Press Photo about his work and this winning images. Click on play below to view the interview.

World Press Photo Contest 2018: Patrick Brown on his winning work from World Press Photo on Vimeo.

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World Press Photo

Hossein Fatemi exhibiting and giving workshop at DIWAN in Cologne, Germany

Panos photographer Hossein Fatemi will be exhibiting his work and giving a workshop on visual storytelling at DIWAN, a cultural centre in Cologne which fosters understanding between Iranians living in Germany and their new compatriots.

The workshop will take place at:

Wittekind Strasse 10
50939 Köln

on 16th and 17th June 2018.

To take part in the workshop, please email [email protected].


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Nyani Quarmyne exhibiting at La Gacilly – Baden Photo in Baden, Austria

The annual La Gacilly photo festival, Europe’s largest open-air photo event, is being hosted by the city of Baden in Austria this year and Panos photographer Nyani Quarmyne will be exhibiting Three Miles from the Sea, his impactful study of one Ghanaian village, Totope, which was consumed by rising sea levels.


To view the full set, please click here.

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La Gacilly in Baden

Piotr Małecki’s short film George and George on the Lake shown at Tribeca Film Institute

Piotr Małecki‘s short film George and George on the Lake is being shown as part of the If/Then Short Documentary Programme at:

Tribeca Film Institute
32 Avenue of the Americas, 27th Floor
New York, NY 10013


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Tribeca Film Institute

Piotr Małecki’s short film George and George on the Lake shown at Krakow Film Festival

Piotr Małecki‘s short film George and George on the Lake is being shown at the 58th Krakow Film Festival at:

Pod Baranami Cinema
Rynek Główny 27
30-001 Kraków

on 29 May 2018 at 11.00 am and at

Św. Tomasza 11
31-018 Kraków

on 1 June 2018 at 9.30 pm.


Another of Piotr’s short films – Personal Portrait – will also be part of KFF Market, one of the biggest film markets for documentary and short film in Europe, which is part of the Krakow Film Festival.


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Krakow Film Festival


Minzayar Oo is awarded Rory Peck Trust’s Martin Adler Prize.

Nic Dunlop & Patrick Brown holding workshop in Bangkok, Thailand.

Tim Dirven publishes new book – Karkas.

Martin Roemers at Drents Museum, Assen, Netherlands

Minzayar Oo at DOK18, Fredrikstad, Norway

Jan Banning at Fotomuseum Den Haag, Netherlands

Espen Rasmussen in Verdens Gang

Ramin Mazur in Southern People Weekly

Abbie Trayler-Smith on Guardian website

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